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Thank you Mr. Murdoch.

First and foremost, I think Ms. Gina Silva cranks big time at KTTV as a news anchor. I have had a chance to watch her performance and I am loving it. I hope you will make it permanent for this long time and faithful employee at KTTV. And no, I don’t know her personally and nobody put me up to it. I always speak my mind and what interests me and this person is an asset for KTTV.

Now, with all of the communist scumbags outside your offices Mr. Murdoch, I figured you’d like to hear this from a longtime fan. “Happy and Healthy New Year” to you and yours. You have built an empire, created many jobs, entertained us, informed us, and by golly, I am sick and tired of these protestors picking on you for all of God’s great hard work you have done. So again, I just wanted Mr. Murdoch for you to smile and hear “Happy New Year” from the heart. And to the rest of the FOX family for all they have done as well including KTTV folks at home here.


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How Do You Fix Entertainment Piracy?

Good question. I have had time to look into this and it ain’t pretty to say the least. Now while I make that statement, all is not lost for music, movies, ebooks and photos. There may be an answer forthcoming. Some of you will love it, many will be in the middle and there will be those who talk lawsuits as the answer. But in clogged courts where bringing a suit is costly and most likely won’t solve the issues, less satisfaction against a few (hint: the music industry taught us that) there may actually be a solution that does work. So here is what I propose. While I hate taxes and fees imagine this.

You log in to what was a pirate website to download or watch a favorite movie and now it is perfectly legal. How is this you ask? Will the producers get paid? The answer is yes and yes and yes, and here is how it works.

Tax-tax-tax. Entertainment tax pool globally set at a percentage for each country’s ISP’s on blank disk media, on cell phones and on media players. The special tax is administered through each country’s entertainment taxation monitor. Those monitors set what media or content producers get paid each month from the tax. As a product ages, the take goes down. In addition, a panel of viewers gets to watch, listen to, read and look at photos to decide which category of pay is to be used. The lower the category, the less you collect each month.

If many countries participated within their respective lands, I believe this doable. It is the only fix to a real problem. Most people say sue em, but sue who? You take down one server and ten more go up, word gets around fast you sue the public and guess who buys your media products or doesn’t, because you pissed them off. There is no real magical fix here folks! With the proposal above, everything is online, free, because through your ISP cell provider and stores where you might buy media products you have already paid for the privilege to use that media and the content producers got paid.

Now if someone put out crap, then the panel would rate them at a lower number and they would get paid less money. If the work was top notch, it would go up and they would get paid more. Also a global public rating system could help as well. This is a win-win situation for all media content. Is it a free market situation though? Yes and no, it all depends on how you look at it. Some folks might want to opt out of it. The problem here is they have already been taxed which aims, in a similar fashion as Obamacare, as ironic as that is.

But it is a fix for the current issues at heart. Yes, I have heard that they are trying to shut down this monstrosity. The problem as I stated, you shut one down, more go up and the general public frowns on your product. What the entertainment media needs to do is realize they have a great way to deliver content and then TAX-tax-tax it and open it up for everyone to enjoy. True, the big studios won’t get perhaps a billion bucks up front for their materials. But over the years, they would get their monies back and gain viewers they can officially embrace in the process.

And that is my solution to fixing a major problem. Will technologies change that, perhaps, but it will always be a cat and mouse game, so why not catch the mouse and feed em to the cat or better yet, feed him cheese and give the cat his milk, both will enjoy it and you will sell them taxed milk and cheese!

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Hell’s Kitchen 2014 fails viewers again!

What should have been the correct final two contestants were Sade and Bryant. These two were clearly with it and honestly Jen was a very close third if not almost second. I am writing this blog because the Sade decision showed that Chef Ramsey got it wrong and how he got it wrong was by taking the weaker contestant clearly against the stronger of the strong two. In essence this fixes the game because Bryant is clearly the better chef than Natasha and if she does win it would be I believe race based on two levels. If Chef Ramsey had taken Sade over Natasha I wouldn’t smell such a big rat. But rewarding the weakest of the four remaining chefs was a huge mistake. Either Chef Ramsey’s judgment is undercooked or FOX execs burned the finally altogether…I believe it was overcooked.

This then brings a serious credibility issue to Hell’s Kitchen as it becomes apparent twice in a row that ‘Politically Correct’ decisions were made over the real talents. Let me be very clear here. My points are not based on racism. Sade is a black woman and I actually considered she should have won so you can all throw that thought out the window if you are going to hammer me. What I am getting at here is that what once was a real Hell’s Kitchen based on real performance is now what I see as a fixed game.

A few shows back a Gay Female won out over a Straight Male chef. That male chef was clearly the better chef, we all saw it here, and it was then that sadly, I had to call it as it is. This is what really, really hurts as a long time viewer of this show is that it has become a game of either being fixed or sadly I must call into a big question Chef Ramsey’s credibility of judgment. Feel I am wrong, then feel free to weigh in on the issue. Personal attacks here won’t get put through…got it!

It is one thing to be an entertainment venue but when it is based on competition, it shouldn’t be fixed either by accident of judgment or on purpose and I believe the later.

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Making FOX Tops!

Hello great sir…Mr. Rupert Murdoch and welcome to 3 shows that make FOX tops in the viewership! Each has a built-in audience and can be built up from there, so it’s a triple whammy from there. Don’t ya just love the odds? I do!

Lets get started with number one and one you and I Mr. Murdoch will always love. Sticking it to Ted Turner ‘TNT’ (Totalitarian Network Television), that shriveled prune of a commie bastard. Why not stick it to em big time and what better way then by taking one of his biggest recent mistakes in the TV series brand name of “DALLAS”

Turner’s people were stupid enough to let the franchise go and CBS (Communist Broadcasting System) the good folks who cover Obama’s ass like ABC and NBC (we’ll get to those in a moment) 😉 other losers all deserve for FOX to stick it in their eyes for being the dumb-asses they truly are. So let’s take the southerner commie pinko ahole who has verbally attacked you in the past and really stick it to this ahole bigtime. Pickup the “Dallas” franchise, hire great writers and broadcast on Friday nights coast-to-coast at 9pm. Turner would be so furious he might do us all a favor and have a coronary on the spot!

Now lets talk about NBC (Nothing But Crap) They were stupid enough to jerk Jay Leno off. FOX has wanted a late night comedy show for quite some time. Jay Leno is out there. Yeah, I know, NBC locked him supposedly into a deal. But if a bigger and better coast-to-coast deal were to come along, I’d be willing to bet that FOX and Leno would be numero uno every weekday night. Stick Leno on FOX at 11pm every weekday night and ratings nailed. Because none of the other late night comediennes had the draw potential that Leno still commands. New set, upscale new band, maybe a cool sidekick like an Ed McMahon type and we’re good weekday nights.

Now let us talk about locking up Midday’s every weekday right after the lovely Lisa Breck and company finish their show 😉 ABC ( A Bunch of Crap ) why, because they broadcast it! Pick up the All My Children and One Life To Live franchise, stick great writers on it and take the entire midday early afternoon time frames with viewers by the millions and hook in a national audience all week long.

If you take these franchises discarded by stupid executives, spruce them up and air them, you will gather millions of new viewers bar none and make FOX tops for years to come and that’s no Ted Turner and ilk.

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