Someone asked me what semi-fame is like.

Here we go again and again and again. I would tell younger folks today, just do your art work. If you get famous try and deal with it. If you keep your privacy, relish it. Because once your privacy is gone, it’s gone and never comes back. In my case I am lucky to be sort of stuck in a nether world. On one hand I have some fame, on the other I have privacy. Eventually this will probably change. Then I’ll have to deal with Harv and the gang at TMZ among others, something I don’t yet have to deal with.

But we can see examples all over the place. The celebrity being chased on Santa Monica Boulevard then cut off in her car only to have a bunch of guys with cameras snapping away, blocking her exit. Court expenses suing people and security expenses protecting you at home. Ever hear of kidnappers, extortionists? They’re out there. Even news reporters aren’t safe, just ask Gina Silva at FOX about death threats but to name a few. This happens much more often to reporters and news people than you might think.

Stalkers! Yes stalkers and then they break into your home to visit you or perhaps steal a souvenir for bragging rights. This has also happened to famous people, their homes targeted.

For these and many other reasons, my preference is to try and have the best of both worlds as my life and work makes a transformation. I realize that one day, I will lose one standing for another, but for now, having both worlds works and it works quite well.

Being of a celebrity status does have benefits though, but it also can be a nightmare. Just ask many yesteryear celebrities who are struggling today and yet also have no privacy. Everyone knows their faces, who they are, their history and where they have been, what they have done. Whoa to them if they did something bad, then they become infamous, another type of fame. So if you have not achieved fame in your life, consider yourself blessed in a sense. You have something called privacy more or less, and it is one of those things that when it’s gone, it’s gone for good!


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