So how bad does it get after the November Elections?

Well if you are a Ultra Left-wing Liberal Democrat, so-called progress, Atheist, Anarchist, Balogey Stogie Smoker or lets all call them what they are, a hardline totalitarian COMMUNIST of the worst kind, then get ready for a flood of ILLEGAL DECREES by the DICKtater in the Blackhouse.

Since gaining office as a national ROCKSTAR the anointed DICKtater has been setting things up to KILL Americans, as far as I am concerned and I’ll make a few points. He has de-balled the entire military, replaced Pentagon heads, replaced CIA heads, replaced FBI heads, tilted the Supreme Court against the will of the people (See – BLACKMAILED John Roberts) … Google it. Has released top terror leaders who are now becoming Isis leaders to KILL Americans. Introduced and encouraged the most deadly disease on the globe, Ebola to American soil and citizens to KILL Americans, tried to remove American’s second and first amendment rights and freedoms to leave them defenseless against tyranny his ilk has created and kept the borders wide opened with terrorists from all over coming into the U.S. to kill Americans. He has released ILLEGAL ALIENS who are murderers and rapists back on your streets to rape and murder you. Has prevented gangs of Black Youths and others murdering whites and other racist crimes in the U.S. and has actually encouraged all of this. Signs decrees stripping one freedom after another from you, destroyed the economy, prvented you from having cheap affordable energy. Just ask citizens living in cold climates about “NO NATURAL HEATING OILS and GAS” while they are freezing to death and his political party as far as I am concerned is dedicated to one thing and only one thing. Making you a COMMUNIST SLAVE or KILLING YOU. Disagree, then prove everything stated as being wrong that I stated here. Agree, then feel free to supporting what I have stated. This POtuS Administration is not here for you. They are hear to enslave or destroy you. And those are my observations based on all of the news I have read and seen. I’m not threatening anyone here, just stating what is going on and to make matters worse. He has ILLEGAL ALIENS VOTING to keep himself in power. In the news this week, rigged emachines, internet votes being changed, ILLEGAL ALIENS voting in your national election. After all, who needs American Citizens when you can easily replace them with new serfs.

Next up the RIOTS, hopefully nationwide so this piece of crap in the Blackhouse can become a full fledged DICKtater (that’s a cross between a penis and a potato)

Next up will be a surprise but let us hear the DICKtater’s most recent words, after all what would the world be without a dickhead in the Blackhouse in Washington D.C.


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