Hollysluts and KTTV

So this morning they were showing a Hollyslut who claimed to have witnessed a deceased body of a former singer celebrity. REALLY! Do I as a viewer care a rats ass if the so-called Hollyslut exaggerates…Hint!

Viewers don’t really give a crap! Honestly, that ain’t entertainment and exemplifies what is broken in the entertainment media. Who gives a real crap about some Hollyslut that if she tripped on the sidewalk, her skirt would go flying in the air with no panties. Truthfully, that ain’t entertainment. Now that a viewer is speaking out, let’s ask what I would like to see on GDLA and KTTV. Lets see the so-called Hollyslut in action. I really want to see why this person gets the big bucks, so they can go drunk driving, flee scenes, get in accidents that destroy other people’s properties and what has got TMZ going bigtime (lucky they ain’t on my tail yet … working on it folks) 😉

How about previews of upcoming flicks, like “It’s a Mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world” or Disney’s new Star Wars, sorry FOX, seems Disney bought out ol’ George Lucas.

This is the problem with entertainment shows. They don’t show us how it’s made, what goes into it, just who got the fame and that is that. What they must begin doing is show us what it takes to make a TV show and Movies, the hard work, all the people, what their jobs are, who markets the product, marketing strategies, who sells it and what they do to keep the product as alive for how long as is possible.

Yes we got the star’s thoughts, yes we see them, hear them, but what about everyone else involved, the process? Why is it only about one person or a few stars, why not what it takes to make it all work?



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