Best weather reports in L.A.

This has to go to the KTLA News Team and here is why. The format. I’ll discount the as always very lovely Vera jimenez and other reporters on the stations and get down to this. The San Fernando Valley population 2 plus million residents. Barely noted in FOX KTTV weather reports. There on KTLA heavily noted including the civic center of ‘The Valley’ Van Nuys which on KTTV goes by so fast you almost miss it.. The format for KTTV as for the stacked regional casts fares better, but over all it is KTLA’s in the evening and in the morning is even worse for KTTV. Maria Quiban’s weather reports come as incomplete teasers which quickly gets frustrating. I have asked others about this and we all agree, why not give us complete reports throughout the news cast. Since GDLA is not an entertainment venue, but rather a news-extension I’ll throw that in as a negative bonus add on for Broccolihead who helps mismanage the place. Instead of worrying about strumming guitars while stroking viewers, here’s another thing KTTV should consider fixing so at least it can stay competitive. Now, let us watch a few weather reports so you see what I mean, differing days but for comparison’s sake.

Okay and now for the competing KTTV Weather report. Not the quality of what you got. One was quality, the other felt rinky-dink and cheap and quick.

Now to be completely fair let us compare the nightly Pablo and Vera forecasts.

First the lady 😉

and now what you get with Pablo who after going to many other stations managed to get picked up by KTTV’s mismanagement.

NOTE: Where is Van Nuys shown in the weather with Pablo? A major civic center.



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