Araksya’s Dress Code on GDLA!

Someone asked me about this and here is my take on a shirt sporting cleavage on a morning show on October 28th. Ready everyone on what I have to say?

I APPLAUD Araksya’s reply she dresses for herself. Tony, ya really tried to corner this poor dear, seriously. So what, she wears a top with some cleavage. What if the guys don’t wear a tie. Mozel tov Steve. See here is my point and I have weighed in on this topic before. Lisa Breckenridge take note.

It is okay to dress “BUSINESS” sexy. It isn’t okay to dress in such a way and talk about your anatomy and home sex life on TV. That is a different thing altogether…GOT IT!

Araksya stated that women don’t dress for other women. This is partly true. I have heard this before and found it varies a lot depending on whom you talk to. As mentioned in my previous posts, there are women who watch other women because they are jealous, or they might get off on it, this is (sadly) today’s world. So in this case if a woman dresses sexy or a guy hunky, it’s fine here. The problem is when it turns from business to “RAUNCH” then it becomes and issue especially during the morning mainstream hours when kids might be watching.

And that’s my take on it. So let me be very clear. I support Araksya’s decision to dress Business Sexy. I did not support past hosts who dressed as such, but used it to also promote raunch. There is a difference and the GDLA TV people need to understand that.


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