“Republican By Default”

Black Americans! I have said this for a very long time. It was the Republican Party that ran on the abolition of slavery of Black Americans. They ran on nothing else. The sole thing the Republicans ran on in the 1850’s was “The Abolition of Slavery”… The Democratic and Whig parties wanted Black Americans to remain in slavery and bondage. While liberal historians have re-written history to change the real facts, this remains the fact today. My heart goes out to the many Black Americans who are my fellow brothers and sisters who voted correctly and perhaps a lesser extent to those just now waking up. This is what is beginning to happen as more and more Black Americans are finding them,selves used and played for their vote and then forgotten, and never mind 30 million new ILLEGAL ALIENS who will further impoverish Black Americans. Here, listen to what your fellow Americans are saying.

And I’ll tell you something else. I love this guy below for his wisdom and honesty. He speaks God’s word of truth and they say the truth shall set you free. If you are a Black American, just remember you are not a Black American, but rather an American and you may discover you have a country full of different people that want to live safe and better as well. Here watch this guy below, he’s the greatest.

and now here is what Obama did for the Black Community to other Americans.

The video above is what the Democratic Party has done your young Black Youths in AmeriKa. They have set the man’s dreams below back to pre-civil war eras. While I hope not, I suspect that black-white and black-latino and black-asian race relations will be set back to pre civil war era levels. I hope this doesn’t happen, but suspect as more truths come out, you will see this happen.

and today, this is what you have voting for the Democratic Party and the enslavement of all Americans into Totalitarian Communism.


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