Dorothy Lucey’s Big Answers.

You were so mean, said horrible things about me! I stuck you on my official ‘Dorothy Hater’s Page’

😀 Thank’s Dot!

Actually not if you understand the relationship. So with that, let’s get a better understanding of who I am, who you were and how it was related even if at a distance. I think once Misses Lucey…once you read this you will walk away with a better understanding.

You – worked at KTTV on GDLA. You were a cohost. That is quite an accomplishment. Millions dream of what you had and will never achieve it, so my hat of high respect is off to you on that point.

Me – TV Viewer of GDLA, a customer. (Much to the chagrin of production intellectuals who are taught at KTTV I am a commodity.) Commodity’s can hit the clicker on the remote, save energy or get amused elsewhere, got that production 😉 you’re screwing with the wrong viewer here.

So what was the relationship Dorothy probably wonders? Well, actually Misses Lucey, it was much closer than you could possibly imagine, let me elaborate.

When your customers turned on the tube, they were accessing a product and that product was, erhmmm, YOU! Yes, you were the product. Unbelievable right, actually not at all.

Now for the production people, I am a customer, got that! The commodity is the advertiser because if I click that dial, you’re both screwed. Just ask ‘Bythenumbers’ who wins!

Now back to Dorothy’s dilemma—sic! The problem was that the product went wild and got wilder toward the end. The product didn’t deliver what I needed as a customer. Nothing personal, but when a product is broken, as a customer I am entitled to comment on broken products and complain. Let me give you an example. Have you ever heard of

Dorothy gets up in the morning, gets prepped, her makeup causes a facial rash and her hair dryer catches her hair on fire. She runs to the sink and the DWP water is broken, doesn’t work. Time for bottled water, tries to get the cap open on the bottle and the bottle cracks, water all over the floor, finally runs and sticks head in toilet bowl, fire extinguished. Must seek medical treatment, so off to hospital. Car doesn’t start, so goes to call next door neighbor. No dial tone, can it get worse at GDLA? Oh yes it can. Gets next door neighbor to give ride, but they get in an accident (in theory here) and Dorothy must walk to hospital for a burned head. My point here Misses Lucey, the failure of products.

Yes you are a person with feelings. But you were also a “PRODUCT” and as a customer I have a right, yes a right to complain or even comment on a PRODUCT. Now, for the real person, that is different. I cannot comment on the real person off camera. Perhaps they are a very sweet individual trying to help others and for this I highly applaud. But as a product wanting customers, you must understand the very nature of this relationship.

Someone who buys a bag of food doesn’t appreciate getting maggots in that bag of food they paid for. It is no different for a television product. So now that I have explained this better let me take it to the very next step here.

Was Dorothy Lucey responsible for losing her job? In my point of view looking in, to a lesser extent you made it easy for them Misses Lucey. Same deal for Misses Jillian Barberie. But overall, the real underlying answer is no, because as a viewer aka. customer I can tell you the overall product was broken, remains broken and unless the real issues are addressed will remain broken. Sadly, those who work within the product will get blamed, of this I have no doubt. But if the real issues which I have documented here numerous times in previous blogs are seriously addressed, it can be fixed. Otherwise you can have big deals with no deals on a couch, yell sports all you want while flailing your arms, have 6 hours of news all morning long and a mish-mash of everything else, but it could have been that with proper management your situation and Misses Barberie’s were in my opinion “FIXABLE” by management willing to sit down and fix what was, and to this day remains broken, and that is why things are where they are today.


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