We’re a NEWS show!

The cheapest broadcast venue is a news show. It requires anchors a few production folks and a few reporters out in the field. During the off hours, the latest videos and news are being assembled, reporters driving to the scene. Now if it is an event that is “unfolding” that is vastly different such as a “Breaking Event”…

During the wake-up and morning hours you have 2 groups of main viewers and their habits are based on the time they are up and why they are up. This is called Viewer Demographics and has nothing to do with culture or race. Rather who watches what, when and why.

Are all of you with me so far? If not, take a deep breath, hold it and go on being brain dead! If you are, then keep reading.

What KTTV Execs have done is ignore the Viewer Demographics and further to add insult to injury, the mentality at KTTV is that you the viewer are just a commodity. The customers are the advertisers but you, why you are a commodity. This is their warped thinking, you know, the thoughts of intellectuals!

So with this thinking, the newest commercials take what should be a full-blown entertainment venue and make it more NEWS!!!!! With a mish-mash splattering of mischief thrown in. And this folks is why the ratings are down. They don’t even acknowledge what is broken so if you don’t know something is broken, how can you fix it, and that is my point here.

I consistently hear from one person after another they don’t watch Good Day L.A. anymore and in fact have become accustomed to getting their news elsewhere as well. The problem is that FOX KTTV Los Angeles morning consists of news from 4:30AM right on through 10AM. Forget entertainment, this is news and to make it worse, GDLA pushes sports which most viewers can care a fat rats ass about! What could be a great entertainment venue is killed, squandered and buried and now the KTTV commercials confirm what I have stated here and in other blogs. GDLA is not an entertainment venue it is NEWS!!!! More NEWS!!!!! and even more NEWS!!!!! Almost 6 hours of news in the morning. Viewers be damned, this is what happens when executives are too weak minded to make gutsy decisions and fix what is broken, and so the ratings will sail, people will come and go as they get the blame for low ratings and everything will remain broken. While Mr. Rupert Murdoch is on the losing end of this, I must say I seriously feel for the people who work hard at GDLA and especially YOU, my fellow viewers!


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