Tinselturd Commi Kook!

So this fine actress of the movies think this POtuS should have more power, but then again what were you expecting from the Hollywood Insane. So out of touch are these assholes, so communized, bought and paid for, they don’t even know that most of America HATES THEM and their industry. Don’t believe me, just Google the replies to Misses Gwyneth ‘TINSELTURD’ Paltrow, please go ahead and Google the comments by Americans.


She isn’t even wanted by her neighbors.


By inviting the Islamunist to her home, she confined all of her neighbors to their homes like prisons. Kids couldn’t get home from school and the streets, well ask the Brentwood community how they felt. I don’t have to say much, actions speak louder than words. So who is Gwenyth Paltro? In my book, she’s a total KOOK of the highest order. Thinks the DICKtator should get more power, he’s so handsome? Names her kid after a computer, music label or fruit…’Apple’ and turns her nose at Americans. This is the lowest piece of crap and if I were in Hollywood booking actresses for contracts, I would bypass this anti-American, Ebola loving Presidential fawned piece of crap. Most Americans if not all I have read comments from will no longer buy her products. To the Hollywood bean counters, that means she is no longer a salable product, but rather something that will kill the sales of their hard produced products, thus, by flapping her gums, she has committed CaREAR suicide like others before her.


While I know blondes who are smart, sexy and sweet people, this is one who fits the mantra as far as I am concerned as a Dumb Blonde! A piece of advice for this TINSELTURD Schmuck. Name your next kid ‘Samsung’ or ‘Android’ because it will balance out their sibling ‘Apple’

Now Gwenyth, go PISS OFF, that from a real American who loves the real America and its real people, not fantasy like you, you TRAITOR!


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