Gwenyth’s POtuS takes your mountains away!

Thanks to Judy Chu (God Bless Me) from San Gabriel, a Democrapic Representative, on Friday, as thanks for getting her CaREAR elected, she thanked all of Southern California by having the POtuS sign away your freedom to travel the San Gabriel Mountains with the stroke of his ILLEGAL pen. He didn’t get a national moument through the United States Congress and the asshole John Boehner, nope. He just like a fascist DICKtater signed away more of your freedoms and like a highway robber, you will have to pay to have what was free. They will now tell you, where, when, how and if you can access the San Gabriel Mountains from Santa Clarita to Mount Baldy and if you do without paying them or their permission, your ass gets tossed into a Democratic Gulag. That is what this fine woman from San Gabriel Judy Chu (God Bless Me) did for you. A lot less freedoms, step-by-step. No plastic grocery shopping bags, no electric light bulbs, they are taking your freedoms one after another. Now who was behind this?

She was born in China. Barak was born in Kenya, George Soros was born in Hungary, he loves Nazis! Are you fellow Americans getting a bigger picture here? Is it sinking in yet? These people weren’t even born on this land and yet look at your very freedoms they are stripping you of. Here are the pictures of the foreigners taking your American freedoms away!

From Communist China – Judy Chu

COMMUNIST! Judy Chu (God Bless Me)

From Kenya…


From Kenya Islamunist POtuS

From Hungary!

Nazi’s Are Great FATBOY!

Yeah and all of the schmucks who voted for these foreigners, think they are great for AmeriKa! Interesting and dangerous times when they take away your very freedoms in the name of totalitarianism. Thanks Gwenyth Paltrow for showing Americans another reason why HOLLYWOOD SUCKS!


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