I tried to warn them.

A check at by the numbers indicates that Good Day L.A. at KTTV is at an average high at 3.5 while KTLA at 7am is at 5.0. There is of course a fix for it and it ain’t this guy.


Nope, not at all. It is a major morning overhaul. You can build new broadcast sets, you can hire, fire and rehire any and everyone under the moon, but at the end of the viewing hours, what will gain viewers and what will hold them is a reformatted viewing time and show format. I actually don’t blame Lucey or Barberie, I must blame upper management here. The bigger execs could game plan this, but instead rely on cheap programming and gimmicks. Every morning at FOX here in Los Angeles, there is laughter, schtick and lotsa fun. There is the couch they make a “Big Deal” out of, yet it’s really “No Big Deal”, there is the talk about sports that goes on and on and on and there is about 30 minutes of news the first 2 hours and the third hour trying to hold you. There are the celebrity guests that most viewers can care a gray rats ass about, especially the Washington loving supporting TINSELTURDS who make big bucks while everyone else is losing their freedom and possibly soon their very existence. Not to worry though. People like Gwyneth Paltro will hire a G5 to ship her out if the head-cutters get here.

Meanwhile, KTLA continues its age old format that for that station works! Just not for a copy-cat KTTV. This is another hard point I have said before. Don’t COPY COPY COPY KTLA Fox. Instead give us your own unique format. The (Lisa please don’t be offended) TIT-for-TAT doesn’t work. What fixes it is what I have blogged about numerous times before and nothing else does. From what I am seeing, the GDLA format chugging along is nearly on life-support. Viewer after viewer has told me they don’t watch KTTV past news with Tony and those who do get up later are watching KTLA, then getting about their day.

While I clearly understand my online friends who work at KTTV don’t want to hear this, what I am speaking is the truth. I collect no paycheck from KTTV and thus am a viewer, a REAL CUSTOMER, got that KTTV Production Assistant that told me I am a commodity. YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG, wanna see why? Watch what a real customer can do to your programming and sponsors.


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