Gina Silva Rocks As Anchor

I have said this before, I’ll say it again. Giggly Miss Gina Silva should be anchor at KTTV and is really being wasted as far as I’m concerned in other positions. She’s pretty, she’s smart, and she is most of all a bubbly personality to watch. She’s also pretty precise and unlike erhmm, another major anchor, she doesn’t gulp many breaths between mic takes nor blink a lot. Besides that, Gina is a long time veteran anchor from the early Sunday mornings delivering the news. I remember popping a morning eye open to fresh coffee and catching Gina and the news before the Sunday morning political shows, which have dwindled over the previous years.

Take a look at Gina as anchor, feel free to comment folks and no, she did not put me up to this. I like to speak my mind uninfluenced.

and here

I think the talent here by Gina easily validates my point. How about her as anchor Mr. Murdoch?


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One response to “Gina Silva Rocks As Anchor

  1. Gina is one sexy Latina! She should have her own show. She has to be close to 50 years old. But she still looks amazing. She’s an ageless beauty! 🙂

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