It’s All In The Chest!

The other morning Misses Lisa Breckenridge, an angel who can do no wrong in my eyes, was excited and it appeared angry on her article about guys staring at a woman’s chest, even if for a moment. Oh, there were the vids of guys, some with a quick glance, others fixated and still others who couldn’t quite fit either group. Then Misses B told viewers to stare at her face “I’m right here” or something to that meaning. Okay, great thing, lets discuss it, please take into affect that I have asked several of the opposite sex on this and even a gay guy about this so we can get a mix before I blog. That said, here goes!

Guys stare at women’s legs, chest, hips, face, hair, eyes, lips and yes, even their feet in silk stockings. They stare at their finger and toe nails and even their nose. Now that we are in the 21st century, let me throw in that women stare at those things on other women. Yes Lesbians and tada!!!!! Other women too. So it seems a few people got left out in this topic the other morning and why would non lesbian women stare at another woman’s chest? Great answer. Okay Lisa, make sure you are sitting down, please don’t hyperventilate, we need you on GDLA otherwise it might collapse because of schmucks like the Broccoliheads who can’t run a lemonade stand.


Shocked comparing each other!

Normal women stare at other women’s chest to compare themselves to her and comments get made aloud like “She’s big!” or perhaps “Those are fake” or perhaps “I have more than she does.” I am not making this up folks, Lisa or anyone else. This really goes on, the public just looks and looking ain’t illegal. Now is it impolite to stare, yes if it is for a long time. Does this mean a woman can’t dress sexy, no not at all.

Lets flip this around Lisa because I know you are reading this. Let us take what gets noticed on handsome men by women. At a relatively near distance have you recorded ladies eyes staring downward as they take a big gulp of air while staring at a handsome guys private area?

Where did your eyes go first ladies? Here is my point!

I mean women, bi-sexuals & gays stare too. Picking a scathing article on men staring at a woman’s chest left out quite a few players and their areas aye? I rest my case.



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2 responses to “It’s All In The Chest!

  1. Real life backs up what I said. This Sunday morning I went to brunch with a erhmm, significant other a non lesbian female, in other words she’s straight as I am. The restaurant was a zoo, kids screaming, no place to sit, and they say the economy is bad, this place was packed. 45 minute wait and the significant other spots a Mexican woman and comments “Oh my God, her breasts are humongous and falling out,” as if I really cared a crap as I was hungry, the little screaming brats, one stepped on my foot running by our bench seat while we waited. If it hadn’t been mentioned to me, I would not have looked. So I looked because a “WOMAN” who is not GAY mentioned it to me. And I replied “So what, it’s not my business.”

    So we finally got seated and had brunch on this hot day and right behind me was you know who. So I am trying to have coffee and eat in this noisy place where the economy is going gang busters and the lady in the black outfit behind me gets up and the significant other a non GAY “WOMAN” once again says “Her breasts are huge,” and I thought a moment without actually looking and said, you just validated my blogging point to a Misses Lisa Breckenridge in a real life condition…thank you!

    • Now, does this mean I am mad at Lisa? Not at all, she remains my sentimental favorite and I applaud both her and Miss Devine for dressing conservatively with other new professional women and men. But I did have to blog on this, because I felt it deserved a fair reply, otherwise I have moved on at this point. There are far more important issues that need to be addressed like the idiot Senator in the Pasadena area who wants to charge you money for hiking in what is now free and making parts of it off-limits to the public. What a moron!

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