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“Republican By Default”

Black Americans! I have said this for a very long time. It was the Republican Party that ran on the abolition of slavery of Black Americans. They ran on nothing else. The sole thing the Republicans ran on in the 1850’s was “The Abolition of Slavery”… The Democratic and Whig parties wanted Black Americans to remain in slavery and bondage. While liberal historians have re-written history to change the real facts, this remains the fact today. My heart goes out to the many Black Americans who are my fellow brothers and sisters who voted correctly and perhaps a lesser extent to those just now waking up. This is what is beginning to happen as more and more Black Americans are finding them,selves used and played for their vote and then forgotten, and never mind 30 million new ILLEGAL ALIENS who will further impoverish Black Americans. Here, listen to what your fellow Americans are saying.

And I’ll tell you something else. I love this guy below for his wisdom and honesty. He speaks God’s word of truth and they say the truth shall set you free. If you are a Black American, just remember you are not a Black American, but rather an American and you may discover you have a country full of different people that want to live safe and better as well. Here watch this guy below, he’s the greatest.

and now here is what Obama did for the Black Community to other Americans.

The video above is what the Democratic Party has done your young Black Youths in AmeriKa. They have set the man’s dreams below back to pre-civil war eras. While I hope not, I suspect that black-white and black-latino and black-asian race relations will be set back to pre civil war era levels. I hope this doesn’t happen, but suspect as more truths come out, you will see this happen.

and today, this is what you have voting for the Democratic Party and the enslavement of all Americans into Totalitarian Communism.


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Rewrites are mandatory in Hollywood!

Really, let’s take a good luck at this. This is what you get when everyone and their uncle and aunt replace the original author of the literary material(s).

I hear this crap all the time, needs this, needs that. Perfect example, “Waterworld”!!!

U got this story and the execs were gagas for the original film. Handed it to Kevin Costner and the film dragged on and on and on and on and on… and things went from bad to worse. And this wasn’t the only example of what happens with the magic “R” word in Tinseltown.

Now don’t get me wrong. When you are dealing with other folks big bucks, you jump to their tune or you get cast out. After all, they are paying for the production costs (usually several groups for bigger flicks) so you the author are very limited in just how far you can go and this is where it all begins going south bigtime, why so many original filmplays that worked don’t. Blame it on production, well to a limited extent.

I would have to put the blame between the execs and who they hire for Director. Ultimately it depends how much work load is split between the Director and the Production execs, because this varies widely. In my own dealings, I have always held that people should be very cordial and polite. It doesn’t take much to offend someone and get yourself on the “F”‘d list. Happens all the time. Where the filmwriter can make it happen is by asking those involved if they would like the author’s POV on what is going down.

The problem with rewrites is that it seriously is a balance. There are good rewrites and then there are bad ones. Where the line must be drawn in production comes down to knowing when to call it a final rewrite. Veterans in production usually know this, but there are big egos that at times can over-rule this and this is where things get nasty.

I have held that if a script is polished up and ready and it appeals, the production should either make it better or leave it work as is. Where things really go south is when execs and the Director decide to change things just for change. Happens all the time and this is why in many productions, the final product bares little resemblance to what used to work. In essence, Hollywood is its own worst enema when it comes to cramming their entertainment crap up the proverbial ass of viewers. Yes, there are many great stories and yes, many of the original works are great works by great authors. But until Hollywood and entertainment industries world wide figure out that storytelling is best left to the original story they purchased, and that rewrites can kill the very best entertainment products, it will go on and so with sites like 😉 or real rotten tomatos in a movie theater!

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Dorothy Lucey’s Big Answers.

You were so mean, said horrible things about me! I stuck you on my official ‘Dorothy Hater’s Page’

😀 Thank’s Dot!

Actually not if you understand the relationship. So with that, let’s get a better understanding of who I am, who you were and how it was related even if at a distance. I think once Misses Lucey…once you read this you will walk away with a better understanding.

You – worked at KTTV on GDLA. You were a cohost. That is quite an accomplishment. Millions dream of what you had and will never achieve it, so my hat of high respect is off to you on that point.

Me – TV Viewer of GDLA, a customer. (Much to the chagrin of production intellectuals who are taught at KTTV I am a commodity.) Commodity’s can hit the clicker on the remote, save energy or get amused elsewhere, got that production 😉 you’re screwing with the wrong viewer here.

So what was the relationship Dorothy probably wonders? Well, actually Misses Lucey, it was much closer than you could possibly imagine, let me elaborate.

When your customers turned on the tube, they were accessing a product and that product was, erhmmm, YOU! Yes, you were the product. Unbelievable right, actually not at all.

Now for the production people, I am a customer, got that! The commodity is the advertiser because if I click that dial, you’re both screwed. Just ask ‘Bythenumbers’ who wins!

Now back to Dorothy’s dilemma—sic! The problem was that the product went wild and got wilder toward the end. The product didn’t deliver what I needed as a customer. Nothing personal, but when a product is broken, as a customer I am entitled to comment on broken products and complain. Let me give you an example. Have you ever heard of

Dorothy gets up in the morning, gets prepped, her makeup causes a facial rash and her hair dryer catches her hair on fire. She runs to the sink and the DWP water is broken, doesn’t work. Time for bottled water, tries to get the cap open on the bottle and the bottle cracks, water all over the floor, finally runs and sticks head in toilet bowl, fire extinguished. Must seek medical treatment, so off to hospital. Car doesn’t start, so goes to call next door neighbor. No dial tone, can it get worse at GDLA? Oh yes it can. Gets next door neighbor to give ride, but they get in an accident (in theory here) and Dorothy must walk to hospital for a burned head. My point here Misses Lucey, the failure of products.

Yes you are a person with feelings. But you were also a “PRODUCT” and as a customer I have a right, yes a right to complain or even comment on a PRODUCT. Now, for the real person, that is different. I cannot comment on the real person off camera. Perhaps they are a very sweet individual trying to help others and for this I highly applaud. But as a product wanting customers, you must understand the very nature of this relationship.

Someone who buys a bag of food doesn’t appreciate getting maggots in that bag of food they paid for. It is no different for a television product. So now that I have explained this better let me take it to the very next step here.

Was Dorothy Lucey responsible for losing her job? In my point of view looking in, to a lesser extent you made it easy for them Misses Lucey. Same deal for Misses Jillian Barberie. But overall, the real underlying answer is no, because as a viewer aka. customer I can tell you the overall product was broken, remains broken and unless the real issues are addressed will remain broken. Sadly, those who work within the product will get blamed, of this I have no doubt. But if the real issues which I have documented here numerous times in previous blogs are seriously addressed, it can be fixed. Otherwise you can have big deals with no deals on a couch, yell sports all you want while flailing your arms, have 6 hours of news all morning long and a mish-mash of everything else, but it could have been that with proper management your situation and Misses Barberie’s were in my opinion “FIXABLE” by management willing to sit down and fix what was, and to this day remains broken, and that is why things are where they are today.

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Middle October CRASHKIES!

So you think driver’s here under the anointed one’s tyranny have it bad, try Vlad’s missing traffic lights half way around the world. Here, have a gander.

I think we got it pretty good as a country when it comes to our road safety. While government here gets it wrong these days bigtime, the road system is much safer than this crap!

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We’re a NEWS show!

The cheapest broadcast venue is a news show. It requires anchors a few production folks and a few reporters out in the field. During the off hours, the latest videos and news are being assembled, reporters driving to the scene. Now if it is an event that is “unfolding” that is vastly different such as a “Breaking Event”…

During the wake-up and morning hours you have 2 groups of main viewers and their habits are based on the time they are up and why they are up. This is called Viewer Demographics and has nothing to do with culture or race. Rather who watches what, when and why.

Are all of you with me so far? If not, take a deep breath, hold it and go on being brain dead! If you are, then keep reading.

What KTTV Execs have done is ignore the Viewer Demographics and further to add insult to injury, the mentality at KTTV is that you the viewer are just a commodity. The customers are the advertisers but you, why you are a commodity. This is their warped thinking, you know, the thoughts of intellectuals!

So with this thinking, the newest commercials take what should be a full-blown entertainment venue and make it more NEWS!!!!! With a mish-mash splattering of mischief thrown in. And this folks is why the ratings are down. They don’t even acknowledge what is broken so if you don’t know something is broken, how can you fix it, and that is my point here.

I consistently hear from one person after another they don’t watch Good Day L.A. anymore and in fact have become accustomed to getting their news elsewhere as well. The problem is that FOX KTTV Los Angeles morning consists of news from 4:30AM right on through 10AM. Forget entertainment, this is news and to make it worse, GDLA pushes sports which most viewers can care a fat rats ass about! What could be a great entertainment venue is killed, squandered and buried and now the KTTV commercials confirm what I have stated here and in other blogs. GDLA is not an entertainment venue it is NEWS!!!! More NEWS!!!!! and even more NEWS!!!!! Almost 6 hours of news in the morning. Viewers be damned, this is what happens when executives are too weak minded to make gutsy decisions and fix what is broken, and so the ratings will sail, people will come and go as they get the blame for low ratings and everything will remain broken. While Mr. Rupert Murdoch is on the losing end of this, I must say I seriously feel for the people who work hard at GDLA and especially YOU, my fellow viewers!

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Gwenyth’s POtuS takes your mountains away!

Thanks to Judy Chu (God Bless Me) from San Gabriel, a Democrapic Representative, on Friday, as thanks for getting her CaREAR elected, she thanked all of Southern California by having the POtuS sign away your freedom to travel the San Gabriel Mountains with the stroke of his ILLEGAL pen. He didn’t get a national moument through the United States Congress and the asshole John Boehner, nope. He just like a fascist DICKtater signed away more of your freedoms and like a highway robber, you will have to pay to have what was free. They will now tell you, where, when, how and if you can access the San Gabriel Mountains from Santa Clarita to Mount Baldy and if you do without paying them or their permission, your ass gets tossed into a Democratic Gulag. That is what this fine woman from San Gabriel Judy Chu (God Bless Me) did for you. A lot less freedoms, step-by-step. No plastic grocery shopping bags, no electric light bulbs, they are taking your freedoms one after another. Now who was behind this?

She was born in China. Barak was born in Kenya, George Soros was born in Hungary, he loves Nazis! Are you fellow Americans getting a bigger picture here? Is it sinking in yet? These people weren’t even born on this land and yet look at your very freedoms they are stripping you of. Here are the pictures of the foreigners taking your American freedoms away!

From Communist China – Judy Chu

COMMUNIST! Judy Chu (God Bless Me)

From Kenya…


From Kenya Islamunist POtuS

From Hungary!

Nazi’s Are Great FATBOY!

Yeah and all of the schmucks who voted for these foreigners, think they are great for AmeriKa! Interesting and dangerous times when they take away your very freedoms in the name of totalitarianism. Thanks Gwenyth Paltrow for showing Americans another reason why HOLLYWOOD SUCKS!

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Tinselturd Commi Kook!

So this fine actress of the movies think this POtuS should have more power, but then again what were you expecting from the Hollywood Insane. So out of touch are these assholes, so communized, bought and paid for, they don’t even know that most of America HATES THEM and their industry. Don’t believe me, just Google the replies to Misses Gwyneth ‘TINSELTURD’ Paltrow, please go ahead and Google the comments by Americans.


She isn’t even wanted by her neighbors.

By inviting the Islamunist to her home, she confined all of her neighbors to their homes like prisons. Kids couldn’t get home from school and the streets, well ask the Brentwood community how they felt. I don’t have to say much, actions speak louder than words. So who is Gwenyth Paltro? In my book, she’s a total KOOK of the highest order. Thinks the DICKtator should get more power, he’s so handsome? Names her kid after a computer, music label or fruit…’Apple’ and turns her nose at Americans. This is the lowest piece of crap and if I were in Hollywood booking actresses for contracts, I would bypass this anti-American, Ebola loving Presidential fawned piece of crap. Most Americans if not all I have read comments from will no longer buy her products. To the Hollywood bean counters, that means she is no longer a salable product, but rather something that will kill the sales of their hard produced products, thus, by flapping her gums, she has committed CaREAR suicide like others before her.


While I know blondes who are smart, sexy and sweet people, this is one who fits the mantra as far as I am concerned as a Dumb Blonde! A piece of advice for this TINSELTURD Schmuck. Name your next kid ‘Samsung’ or ‘Android’ because it will balance out their sibling ‘Apple’

Now Gwenyth, go PISS OFF, that from a real American who loves the real America and its real people, not fantasy like you, you TRAITOR!

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