How California Gave the Middle Finger to Green Transportation.

Being a major ebike that is “Electric Bicycle” enthusiast and having the vision that today’s technologies could be used for “ZERO POLLUTION” transportation. And how we could make the state of California’s bicycle paths safer and use them for ebikes, all just been killed by Governor POOP aka. Brown, because that’s what color it really is. And what did Governor POOP do to kill GREEN TRANSPORTATION the state has poured billions of dollars into? Good question.

Before I go any further, let us take a good eye to eye look at Governor  so you understand who eagerly signed this bill made of political crap.


Who authored it? Steven Bradford.


And what exactly did they do, why are you so angry? Well, they approved a watered down bill without any benefit to real green ebike transportation and real bike path safety and where did you get that from? 15,000 miles plus of ebike riding over the many years and regular cycling too when health permitted. Not one accident, no close calls, just common sense and safety.

So now let me make my points how this bill just killed the entire State of California, the green state that spends billions of dollars on the environment like a dollar gasoline tax , denying you a plastic grocery bag (another sham from corruption) in state politics.

AB2173 passed and signed into law in June. It makes any ebike faster than 30mph into a motorcycle. It also disallows ebikes that can go between 20plus to 30MPH street only and requires a license plate and insurance.


650 CC

Now I will explain how this kills the ebike and green transportation industries in California. First the Motorcycle issues. Used motorcycle 650 CC $600.00 and up has an endless range on gas refills, can probably hit 125MPH Why would I buy an Electric Bicycle that tops out at 50MPH and has a 25 mile range? See my point.

Faster than 30MPH Bicycle

Now let us address the over 20MPH but under 30MPH licensed and insured electric bicycles. Cost of these about 1500 to 1800 dollars or more. Why would I buy those when I can go to Walmart or Target and purchase a Poly Carbon Frame Schwinn with at least 21 speeds and more like 30 speeds that can hit 40MPH with an endless range pedaling the gears and shifting them?

20 to 30 MPH EBike most common

Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle

Now let us address the Pedal Assist and below 20MPH 800 to 1200 electric hybrid bicycles that were pushed by Steven Branford’s office. Why would I spend the money on that when I can purchase an average 18 speed Bicycle at Walmart or Target for $79.00 that can get to 35plus MPH legally and has an endless pedal range? The bill as noted also does not make safe the state’s bicycle paths either. It was put into law to benefit “Pedal Assist” manufacturers who funded it from out of state. It in no way benefits Californians or the environment and in fact it kills electric bicycles as a potential form of “REAL” transportation here. This crony law relegates ebikes to an expensive and tiny niche hobby status when what I proposed blows the doors open and as a bonus makes bicycle paths safe and as an added bonus would have properly regulated and legalized faster ebikes to replace cars, create zero road destruction such as potholes and creates zero pollution, and this is how the “GREEN” state of California just got it all wrong.

Want to weigh in on The State Controlled by the GREEN Environmentalists and the GREEN Democratic Super Majority, feel free to and while you are at it, invite your environmental friends like the Sierra Club and ask them about AB2173, because it’s nothing more than a bunch of crap and that says it all baby!


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  1. Today, Bradford’s office contacted me and asked my advice. I was more than glad to give it. Let us see what happens. Maybe there is hope yet!

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