How They Screwed Ebikers in California the red state of green energy.

Let us start at the top with Senator Fran Pavley. Took lotsa green money for green energy, doesn’t give a crap about green transportation or sporting equipment, and why is that you ask? Because when handed a public bike path safety bill and a bill proposal that would encourage electric bike ownership, it wasn’t important enough for this phony. Got that Sierra Club? This person used “GREEN ENERGY” to get the bucks to get elected and doesn’t care a Rats Ass about zero carbon transportation.

Next down the honorable assemblyman from Inglewood whose funding to screw ebike owners up and down the state was from a national ebike group that wanted to sell slow, expensive crap and everyone else be damned! I talked to the spokesman for this group and he admitted they were mainly out of state and wanted to restrict ebike owners so they can sell their products. Worst of all, it almost happened. Maybe we should ask about the plastic shopping grocery bags, gone, courtesy of another George Soros funded group ‘Heal The Bay’… The only thing they’ve healed is freedom’s ass! Luckily this assembly bill got killed and the assemblyman is leaving office…Thank GOD!

Local L.A. City Councilwoman Nuri (name sounds like a hair trimmer “Try NoNo” ) and what is she doing for the cities ebike owners after getting green monies for energy…NOTHING! Studied, and gone, why, because Democrats use green for their corrupt politics and don’t care a rats ass about promoting things like these for transportation.

Instead they want this…


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