Now let’s talk about Tinselturds!

Yesterday I posted an article dealing with piracy, distribution and the way to fix it all. Of course the assholes running things will let their egos, tallywhackers and drugs decide what is best for YOU! The customer. Make no mistake about it, the sex trade in tinseltown is working overtime to foist cleavage in everything that SELLS! Hunks, chicks, you name it, tinseltown has got it nailed bigtime. Let’s ask your author here about what ain’t working.

CRAPPY STORIES, and please don’t get me started on this subject. Many of my friends published, not published, established as filmwriters, not established-but working on it 😉 are getting screwed bigtime by the tinselturds in this industry.

Hey Patrick V. formerly of the WGA board, running for office…FAIL! Guess what dude. All those email exchanges on how to fix the WGA and what did I get, but gobbledygook B.S. instead of sitting down and fixing the WGA, DGA P.A. and other groups to help create jobs and bring talent work to the top. Why, because nobody gives a celebs skinny chickened ass to fix what really needs fixing.

So now, the numbers are coming in and things for Hollywood are tanking. Don’t blame piracy…if you read the pirate’s viewers comments, even they think tinseltown makes CRAP!!! And thus lies the problem of rewrites, remakes (which execs always bank on as sure bets) thinking the viewer at the dying theaters being fleeced for 15 dollars a bag of cancerous buttered pop corn will like the fleecing they get. All this while the big mouths in acting go on anti-American tirades, and who loses? Ask the sound guy down my block.

And getting back to my many friends CRAPPY STORIES they didn’t start out that way. They were actually top notch tales only to have everyone and their ‘Monkey’s Uncle and Auntie’ rehash it in 15 rewrites so that the production egos get satisfied while the Director hangs on by the skin of their teeth, hoping the finalized production POS makes money and pleases the execs who themselves are being taken down the Hollywood toilet of crappy sales. That’s right, re-writes, this preferred re-writer and that one, oh this one is a pro at this, and that one is a pro at that, how can you say bend over in twenty seconds flat! Because we need to ream that story out and what worked, so it is so crappy, it earns an endorsement from the Golden Globes committee who also endorses the worst communist crap on the planet.

Have you ever wondered what gender bender those statures are. Not Male, not Female, not Transgendered, I like to call those statues Nobes. And how do you win a NOBe, by making the worst crap nobody wants to see. Wanna see the real Hollywood, just watchThe Producers with Zero Mostel and watch Hollywood in action. I rest my case.


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