Christine Devine and the Nightly News.

So, somebody commented to me the other day, did you see Christine Devine on the nightly news? And I asked, at which time. And they said they weren’t sure. So I decided to poll them and I asked were you talking about Christine Devine on the 5 o’clock news? And they weren’t sure. So then I asked was it when she was on the 6 o’clock news and they still weren’t sure. Then I asked about the 8, 9,10 and finally 11 o’clock newscasts and their reply was wow, she’s on all night!

Started me thinking. Why not turn KTTV into nothing but news at night? KTLA is already half-way there and so since KTTV likes to go tit-for-tat with KTLA, why not. Then I thought about it a little more.

With big ‘vegetable brained’ morons

BroccoliHeadManaging KTTV in the morning and almost 6 hours of news, hey, they got a bigger night audience, why not have Christine Devine doing the news all night long? Can you people imagine this, I mean where is a guitar player and Harley when you need em, exit stage left! Like who needs Miss Laura Diaz, one of the most popular and greatest news anchors in SoCal history, relegated to weekend stints!

Ernie_Bug1Don’t forget Ernie and his friends from “Thursday’s Bug” They had to go live somewhere, after all it is important to save them one bug at a time and find them new homes. I think Ernie found one without lip service.

Oh Christine, keep it tongue n’ cheek. One of the greatest things one can do in life is laugh at themselves. That’s the bigger person, even when a touch of viewer sarcasm is thrown in. Having the honor of art work even when it might seem vile is better than being forgotten and ignored in life!


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