Totalitarian Tyranny Upon The Kids

Courtesy of this burger and french fry chomping person.

This person who calls herself a first lady which she is anything but, this fat chewing, grease eating hypocrite with a growing derriere says to small school children, no more cup cakes. No more salt shakers, no burgers and fries, no hot dogs, no candy bars, no soda pop drinks. Eat carrots and peas and what does this person do herself?

That’s right, lead by example right…WRONG! And what about hubby, does he live by her health rules?

And yet, sweet innocent kids that like something like a cupcake are denied it by these people and their ilk. While they force others to bend to their whims rather than let kids enjoy what kids normally enjoy, they are forcing the kids to what they want while they themselves can’t lead by example…makes me sick that this is what Michelle Obama is doing. How about closing the border and stop bringing Ebola and terrorists into the country, huh!


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