TV Station Hell Theory 101

So recently a production person who shall remain anonymous as I told them it would remain that way, from a certain erhmm, TV station informed me of their teachings they learned that you and I the viewer are considered by the TV station to be a commodity, and then explained the customers are the advertisers.

Ya know, I just love it when I get skewed theoretical crap made up as sound gobbledygook someone is trying to feed me with their erhmm, high level of education. Whatever happened to a little common sense. HELLO—I think said TV media station has enough problems without crackpot skewed theories of who really foots the bill here.

First of all, for a TV station to attract advertisers, they require flesh and blood viewers and lots of them and consistently. Second, while the advertisers pay for their time on the commercial breaks, they are hoping the viewers buy their products. Thirdly, the shows are created to entice VIEWERS to watch so they can also buy the advertiser’s product or products. Are we clear so far? GREAT! Now when you take this perspective, without viewers, advertisers don’t buy commercial time and you end up begging for public contributions like for example PBS and KCET. So, ultimately you must have viewership otherwise both the advertiser and TV station suffer.

From where I sit with a clicker, this means the viewer is actually the CUSTOMER and the Advertiser is the money RESOURCE or commodity. I just really hate it when someone tells me a “Jackass” theory is the rule when it is not. Ultimately the viewer is the customer, and the TV station needs to tailor programming for the viewer. Hook enough viewers with great programming and the advertisers will come. Ignore the viewer as a customer and well, you end up with “TV Station Hell Theory 101” KACHANG!


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