Did they figure it out?

Did the Long Beach California City Council figure out what NuPike means? Let me tell you, Santa Monica’s communist idiots haven’t yet. That’s why my friend Christopher Merritt’s book is selling bigtime, sold out on the net in spurts. Have you even seen the SM pier, it is laughably a wannabe of what could have been. You people in SM and Venice crapped on historian Jeffrey Stanton a great guy who proposed a remake for Venice Beach here. I even made a 3D Park of his blueprints. hey were so hostile to Jeffrey, you would have thought he killed someone and got away with it.

What happened in Long Beach is they had a golden opportunity to rebuild a brand new NuPike where the old one once was and instead they got a crappy little mall with an insulting plaque proclaiming the crappy mall as the NuPike with some cheap glitz thrown in and guess what most Southern Californians did at the new NuPike Mall…NOTHING! Most people don’t know it even exists and I seriously doubt many from all over the state will make this crappy little mall a destination. So, sales are down, it’s just another mall and now the LB CC is seriously rethinking “Amusement Park” there.

And with a new Pacific Ocean Park book repeatedly selling out, what is the Santa Monica CC doing…NOTHING!! They have “Pacific Park” which they spruced from the old Santa Monica Pier and a few condensed flat rides and a really crappy, poorly thrilling design of a roller coaster. Here, let me show you and you will see the difference of a wannabe compared to the real deal that once worked.


and the real deal of yesteryear…

I rest my case.


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