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How California Gave the Middle Finger to Green Transportation.

Being a major ebike that is “Electric Bicycle” enthusiast and having the vision that today’s technologies could be used for “ZERO POLLUTION” transportation. And how we could make the state of California’s bicycle paths safer and use them for ebikes, all just been killed by Governor POOP aka. Brown, because that’s what color it really is. And what did Governor POOP do to kill GREEN TRANSPORTATION the state has poured billions of dollars into? Good question.

Before I go any further, let us take a good eye to eye look at Governor  so you understand who eagerly signed this bill made of political crap.


Who authored it? Steven Bradford.


And what exactly did they do, why are you so angry? Well, they approved a watered down bill without any benefit to real green ebike transportation and real bike path safety and where did you get that from? 15,000 miles plus of ebike riding over the many years and regular cycling too when health permitted. Not one accident, no close calls, just common sense and safety.

So now let me make my points how this bill just killed the entire State of California, the green state that spends billions of dollars on the environment like a dollar gasoline tax , denying you a plastic grocery bag (another sham from corruption) in state politics.

AB2173 passed and signed into law in June. It makes any ebike faster than 30mph into a motorcycle. It also disallows ebikes that can go between 20plus to 30MPH street only and requires a license plate and insurance.


650 CC

Now I will explain how this kills the ebike and green transportation industries in California. First the Motorcycle issues. Used motorcycle 650 CC $600.00 and up has an endless range on gas refills, can probably hit 125MPH Why would I buy an Electric Bicycle that tops out at 50MPH and has a 25 mile range? See my point.

Faster than 30MPH Bicycle

Now let us address the over 20MPH but under 30MPH licensed and insured electric bicycles. Cost of these about 1500 to 1800 dollars or more. Why would I buy those when I can go to Walmart or Target and purchase a Poly Carbon Frame Schwinn with at least 21 speeds and more like 30 speeds that can hit 40MPH with an endless range pedaling the gears and shifting them?

20 to 30 MPH EBike most common

Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle

Now let us address the Pedal Assist and below 20MPH 800 to 1200 electric hybrid bicycles that were pushed by Steven Branford’s office. Why would I spend the money on that when I can purchase an average 18 speed Bicycle at Walmart or Target for $79.00 that can get to 35plus MPH legally and has an endless pedal range? The bill as noted also does not make safe the state’s bicycle paths either. It was put into law to benefit “Pedal Assist” manufacturers who funded it from out of state. It in no way benefits Californians or the environment and in fact it kills electric bicycles as a potential form of “REAL” transportation here. This crony law relegates ebikes to an expensive and tiny niche hobby status when what I proposed blows the doors open and as a bonus makes bicycle paths safe and as an added bonus would have properly regulated and legalized faster ebikes to replace cars, create zero road destruction such as potholes and creates zero pollution, and this is how the “GREEN” state of California just got it all wrong.

Want to weigh in on The State Controlled by the GREEN Environmentalists and the GREEN Democratic Super Majority, feel free to and while you are at it, invite your environmental friends like the Sierra Club and ask them about AB2173, because it’s nothing more than a bunch of crap and that says it all baby!


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What Did I See?

Well in Canada I did not see this guy.

and since I don’t live in this city in Oklahoma I didn’t attend a devil worship in the civic auditorium, approved by that city’s council.

But since I say my prayers often, I did see someone else of importance. Do you know who that is?














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How They Screwed Ebikers in California the red state of green energy.

Let us start at the top with Senator Fran Pavley. Took lotsa green money for green energy, doesn’t give a crap about green transportation or sporting equipment, and why is that you ask? Because when handed a public bike path safety bill and a bill proposal that would encourage electric bike ownership, it wasn’t important enough for this phony. Got that Sierra Club? This person used “GREEN ENERGY” to get the bucks to get elected and doesn’t care a Rats Ass about zero carbon transportation.

Next down the honorable assemblyman from Inglewood whose funding to screw ebike owners up and down the state was from a national ebike group that wanted to sell slow, expensive crap and everyone else be damned! I talked to the spokesman for this group and he admitted they were mainly out of state and wanted to restrict ebike owners so they can sell their products. Worst of all, it almost happened. Maybe we should ask about the plastic shopping grocery bags, gone, courtesy of another George Soros funded group ‘Heal The Bay’… The only thing they’ve healed is freedom’s ass! Luckily this assembly bill got killed and the assemblyman is leaving office…Thank GOD!

Local L.A. City Councilwoman Nuri (name sounds like a hair trimmer “Try NoNo” ) and what is she doing for the cities ebike owners after getting green monies for energy…NOTHING! Studied, and gone, why, because Democrats use green for their corrupt politics and don’t care a rats ass about promoting things like these for transportation.

Instead they want this…

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How to mount a Jamz Plus Speaker on a bike.

I think my video will explain it all, and this applies to all bikes, motorcycles and trike. Fast, cheap and easy, an hour of your time.

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Now let’s talk about Tinselturds!

Yesterday I posted an article dealing with piracy, distribution and the way to fix it all. Of course the assholes running things will let their egos, tallywhackers and drugs decide what is best for YOU! The customer. Make no mistake about it, the sex trade in tinseltown is working overtime to foist cleavage in everything that SELLS! Hunks, chicks, you name it, tinseltown has got it nailed bigtime. Let’s ask your author here about what ain’t working.

CRAPPY STORIES, and please don’t get me started on this subject. Many of my friends published, not published, established as filmwriters, not established-but working on it 😉 are getting screwed bigtime by the tinselturds in this industry.

Hey Patrick V. formerly of the WGA board, running for office…FAIL! Guess what dude. All those email exchanges on how to fix the WGA and what did I get, but gobbledygook B.S. instead of sitting down and fixing the WGA, DGA P.A. and other groups to help create jobs and bring talent work to the top. Why, because nobody gives a celebs skinny chickened ass to fix what really needs fixing.

So now, the numbers are coming in and things for Hollywood are tanking. Don’t blame piracy…if you read the pirate’s viewers comments, even they think tinseltown makes CRAP!!! And thus lies the problem of rewrites, remakes (which execs always bank on as sure bets) thinking the viewer at the dying theaters being fleeced for 15 dollars a bag of cancerous buttered pop corn will like the fleecing they get. All this while the big mouths in acting go on anti-American tirades, and who loses? Ask the sound guy down my block.

And getting back to my many friends CRAPPY STORIES they didn’t start out that way. They were actually top notch tales only to have everyone and their ‘Monkey’s Uncle and Auntie’ rehash it in 15 rewrites so that the production egos get satisfied while the Director hangs on by the skin of their teeth, hoping the finalized production POS makes money and pleases the execs who themselves are being taken down the Hollywood toilet of crappy sales. That’s right, re-writes, this preferred re-writer and that one, oh this one is a pro at this, and that one is a pro at that, how can you say bend over in twenty seconds flat! Because we need to ream that story out and what worked, so it is so crappy, it earns an endorsement from the Golden Globes committee who also endorses the worst communist crap on the planet.

Have you ever wondered what gender bender those statures are. Not Male, not Female, not Transgendered, I like to call those statues Nobes. And how do you win a NOBe, by making the worst crap nobody wants to see. Wanna see the real Hollywood, just watchThe Producers with Zero Mostel and watch Hollywood in action. I rest my case.

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Christine Devine and the Nightly News.

So, somebody commented to me the other day, did you see Christine Devine on the nightly news? And I asked, at which time. And they said they weren’t sure. So I decided to poll them and I asked were you talking about Christine Devine on the 5 o’clock news? And they weren’t sure. So then I asked was it when she was on the 6 o’clock news and they still weren’t sure. Then I asked about the 8, 9,10 and finally 11 o’clock newscasts and their reply was wow, she’s on all night!

Started me thinking. Why not turn KTTV into nothing but news at night? KTLA is already half-way there and so since KTTV likes to go tit-for-tat with KTLA, why not. Then I thought about it a little more.

With big ‘vegetable brained’ morons

BroccoliHeadManaging KTTV in the morning and almost 6 hours of news, hey, they got a bigger night audience, why not have Christine Devine doing the news all night long? Can you people imagine this, I mean where is a guitar player and Harley when you need em, exit stage left! Like who needs Miss Laura Diaz, one of the most popular and greatest news anchors in SoCal history, relegated to weekend stints!

Ernie_Bug1Don’t forget Ernie and his friends from “Thursday’s Bug” They had to go live somewhere, after all it is important to save them one bug at a time and find them new homes. I think Ernie found one without lip service.

Oh Christine, keep it tongue n’ cheek. One of the greatest things one can do in life is laugh at themselves. That’s the bigger person, even when a touch of viewer sarcasm is thrown in. Having the honor of art work even when it might seem vile is better than being forgotten and ignored in life!

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Why the Entertainment Biz is broken and how to fix it.

I have been asked my opinions on this before and I have studied this at length and I have found a solution.

First, lets talk music. Why is the music industry tanked? Good question, simple answer. The music industry actually peaked in the 1960’s when there was no internet, video games etc. There was radio and there were personalities on the radio like the Real Don Steel and Wolfman Jack. Likewise TV Soap Operas were coming into their own as well and then there were the movies and the heroes. The networks have all but killed the soap operas to save a few bucks, who needs TV viewers anymore when you can have mindless zombies from the third world watching for nothing.

The music industry Rap, Hip Hop and more cRAP and this is what they sell the kids, “F” word and all. Then there was Napster and the others who followed, and when those got shut down, it became Youtube, and then finally the RIAA began a losing battle until today music tunes are all over. Take one site or account down and one hundred new ones go up. Then there are movies.

Youtube accounts and movies. Then there were torrents, a kind of giant file that contains a movie and my ebooks as well. It took hundreds of hours or more to author an ebook and POOF! Gone to a bit torrent as they call em. And who do you prosecute for copyright violation, a person named “The Sleeper” who used a dozen or more proxy servers in Kazakstan to mask their trails.

Ah, the movies. The internet and forget youtube. There are so many sites that now have the latest as well as the oldest movie flicks, no wonder the Tinselturds and Hollysluts are crying from a lack of work and it doesn’t just affect them. I have a neighbor, a great guy who makes a living sound editing, just got laid off. Yes they hired a younger person, go figure with Hollywood’s age discrimination huh.

So what do we have here with the internet? A massive distribution system for content in the 21st century. From an outsider, this looks quite ominous, but it might be doable to turn this to a major advantage.

When you think about it, all of the current pirate sites now breaking the laws of many countries and copyright holders, myself included since I publish ebooks, have setup a massive worldwide distribution system for entertainment products. Take one site down, one hundred new ones go up, it is infinite, so what’s an entertainment industry to do?

Goto every ISP, every producer of media content products and tax em! Charge an internet entertainment access fee on the monthly gain. Doesn’t have to be big, let every country set into it and pool the monies globally. In return, legalize the many distribution sites and let them distribute, music, ebooks, movies, TV shows etc. and pay the original copyright holders monthly royalties. Set up a content committee to evaluate the entertainment values of products and how long royalties go for. Speed up the copyright to public domain world wide so after a period of time the public gets older materials spurring a yearn for new materials and entertainment art products.

Sounds impossible, but if you look at it as half the battle solved of how to distribute, by thinking 21st century you could fill an old comment my dad used to make. “How do you get rid of your enemies? You make em your friends.” Take the pirates of the world and embrace them, use them, their mass distribution of their product and tax every internet ISP user around the globe. Metro provides free net access, tax metro too. Conservative friends will cringe at my posting this, but there truly is no other working solution to the continued FREE flow of entertainment media but what I have laid out here. You can shut sites down and prosecute people, but there are a hundred more to take their place and one other thing to consider.

When you shut down bad guys in the public, your entertainment customers become pissed off. So it is a lose-lose situation. With distribution in place, illegally albeit, there is a fix which is to get paid for your work and this system is that fix. Otherwise, I am afraid to state, Hollywood is going the way of the RIAA and music and eventually the DoDo Bird.

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