The Potential Araksya Dirty Challenge!

So Maria Sansone dumped ice water over her head and challenged Araksya Karapetyan to do the very same in the challenge. Now it is widely known that Araksya is supposedly a germ-o-phobe and honestly I don’t blame her considering how filthy many public places have become. So I had this dream about a week ago, I was somehow invited to a big bash Araksya was putting on and I decided to attend. There were many guests, Steve Edwards was there, Lisa and Hubby, didn’t see her kids, you know, just lotsa people and it was an outdoor bash of sorts. There were tables and drinks, you know, the usual stuff at a party. Anyhow, a guy asked what I did and I said the publishing business, and when asked what he did, said he was into practical jokes.


So we got to talking about the challenges on GDLA between Araksya and Maria Sansone and he came up with this absolutely sick scheme. He said, have Araksya dump a bucket of dog poop over her head and then eat one. EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW! Are you kidding I asked in the dream? Nope, he grinned and I have a secret of how she could get away with it.

Now all of you, don’t tell Maria Sansone okay. She doesn’t follow me on twitter or Facebook so 😉 Araksya has a bucket up on her in this most disgusting dreamed challenge this character in the dream came up with. He sort of reminds me of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken now that I come to think of it.

Anyhow, the colonel continued to explain how this worked. He said that Araksya gets a few bags of “Oh Henry” chocolate bars and puts em in a bucket, lets a couple melt then goes through with the challenge. TV viewers will think she dumped dog poop over her head and then she will take and eat one. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!! Are you serious I continued to ask?

The good Colonel smiled and said wait till Maria Sansone gets a bucket of dog poop, dumps it over her head and then eats one, the audience will be grossed out, the FCC will wonder what to do. Is it a decency issue?

Well of course this is a dream right? And in real life Maria Sansone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook won’t know about this right? Now if she did, here is what she would do to meet the challenge that Araksya in the dream was given. Maria would get a bucket and several bags of “Babe Ruth” candy bars, also chocolate, and drop em in the bucket, do the dump, eat one, the audience on TV will be grossed out and it will have been the sweetest secret the two co-anchors ever did. It will make national news headlines, probably world headlines. It would be the biggest stunt in a long time on TV. Of course the feds and Newscorp will freak until they see the extra footage of the candy bars 😉 then it will make even more big news and finally many laughs. All this from a dream!!!

DREAM ON!!!! GDLA people don’t have the guts for such a stunt and that’s a viewers dream challenge!


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