A Lesson for Broccolihead!

Dummy 101:

How to rebuild the mornings at KTTV to be tops.

First change the news viewing times. Here is the new schedule for dummy execs to start winning big!

2AM to 5AM run Nascar highlights. I Love Lucy. Cops, hey, how about UFO and Bigfoot news. Those types are always up from 2 to 5am in the morning.

5AM FOX News starts with a full team. Two anchors, weather, traffic and finally entertainment/sports.

6AM through 8AM which makes it 3 hours.

Dummy 102:

8AM to 11AM Good Day L.A.

from 8 to about 8:10am news, then bring on a comedienne and make viewers laugh in the morning or toss tomatoes at their set. Laughs will vary…commercial break then let’s get the real show going, no more news, no more car chases, no more Rick Dickert’s weather, let him go eat at Mama’s Donuts 😉 so he has no more excuses to diss that place which he has done for a long time 😮 Got it Rick? Here is what I would do.

GDLA should be informative, entertaining and most of all exciting fun! First, you have two entertainment reporters. Great! Make one an anchor one week and the other in the field. Shoot live on set segments, let us see what makes Hollywood work. I don’t care a crap about a Hollyslut that trips on Sunset Blvd. to coin a phrase by Dr. Michael Savage and know her skirt flipped over her head. I am not interested in the Tinselturd’s gossip, I don’t care a rats ass about any of these folks. What I want to do is visit the businesses, meet production people, see what they do, how they do it, what makes the bigger cogs turn is the smaller cogs. I’d like to meet wannabes in Hollywood waiting tables man doing stage on weekends. Is it sinking in yet.

Dummy 103:

Vacation spots around the Southland and elsewhere. Show us these places, show us the best travel fun spots to visit, little hole in the wall entertaining places to visit. Lets dine out!

I would like to visit places to eat, see what foods they make and how they taste at a distance.

Show us hiking venues. Gina Silva loves hiking…awesome! How about Mount Waterman and during the wintertime lets see Lisa on the slopes in the snow. Fashion shows, let us learn about modeling, see what goes into it.

Dummy 104:

The Dark Side of Hollywood. Besides all the ups, lets meet the residents that have not made it or as we call it, the downs, what they do or did. Let us know in the community so we can do a service to make things work where they are broken. Of all the segments, this I would consider the most important because it affects people’s well being and if we can help even one person in Hollywood that would be tops.

Dummy 105:

VISION. I have it, KTTV execs don’t! The proof is in seeing ahead the future. I look at the current GDLA and ask what future? Let us start with the ‘Begging Desk’… Why is the main host not seated between everybody, and a senior citizen at that? Why is he have to stand at the end, why? Why is it a small desk for only two people at best? Why does the show go to bickering, belittling in a playful way its own, do some challenges knick knacks and finally a small cooking outside periodically? Why do I have to see stars, why can’t I visit a movie set with Lisa Breck or Julie? What movies are in production? Can we see a few minutes of filming ahead of time? I want to see what an actress is like when she gets to the Director’s call for a “Cut” at number 19 cuts. Does that mean she sucks?

See, the problem here is this. Mr. Murdoch since you are probably reading this, the execs at KTTV ask what viewers want. I am a viewer. I don’t like your production referring to me as a commodity. I am not that. Your paid advertisers are a commodity and I am a customer of yours and here is why.

Ultimately I have the TV controller and the worst thing that happens to your paying customers is they lose potential customers of theirs when I change the channel. That is why when a viewer aka. customer like me says the morning lineup is broken. You need to listen up, because your job is to hold me watching as long as possible. Otherwise this happens!

And the reason this happens is not because of your production people or as in recent times ‘Lack thereof’ or your TV personalities aka. your before the camera folks. It is because of programming times and also the content of what is being offered. Do you understand what your customer is saying, wants and I can guarantee you that if I am taking my valuable time to author this blog posting, imagine other viewers who don’t care a crap and just change channels to KTLA.

Dummy 106:

Tit-For-Tat Programing. Why does KTTV aka. FOX have to match KTLA for programing style and times? Why can’t KTTV be unique and let the chips fall where they may. Offering a different product than your competitors is what diversity in the viewing market should be about. If you are going to be like KTLA why don’t I just go watch them then instead of a wannabe mentality and that cuts to the topic header of “A Lesson For Broccolihead!”


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