And now it is time for Crashskies Week Three…WEE!!!

Now, before we begin watching week three vids of those Crashkies Russians let me educate you on them.

They have a more stringent driving system and yes they must have insurance and why do they have Dash Cams? Because the insurance companies there deny almost all coverage when accidents happen, so the Russian drivers got smart and got dash cams. When they go to courts which are clogged there right now with driving accidents, the vids are produced. The videos force the Russian insurance companies to pay up and also compensate victims of criminal drivers. So having dash cams in cars is what Russians invented to recoup their losses. Now, as far as the accidentskies, they do happen and because Russians, over 1 million and counting have added cams, those vids in court become public which is why you are seeing them. I’m out of breath so let’s watch a few more crashskies.


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