biggest SCHMUCK in the world!


Great, now that I got that out, let me explain why and in fact the SCHMUCK will read this too so let me tell him why I have made that comment. No, perhaps I better let the SCHMUCK tell you. By the way, for those who say I am anti-semeteic, uh sorry to burst your liberal bubbles, I’m a JEW! So here is the SCHMUCK after bragging how he brainwashed a RINO into collaborating on a film, why he likes Obama. Go ahead, tell us SCHMUCK!!!

and Harvey, do you know what they do to Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere. Let me show you how they treat Jews and other religions around the globe, here Harvey!

Hey SCHMUCK and what is your reply for Americans?

and then there is the SCHMUCK’S friend stating this.

Harvey, you are a clear TRAITOR to America, Americans, The Constitution and Freedom. You are the exact type of reason many people hate Jews and Hollywood. Now I know many fellow Jews who vote the right way, who love America and Israel and I can say as a Jew you are not one of them. Communism and Totalitarianism are what motivate you from what I have seen and heard. You hate America, you hate Israel, you hate Capitalism while you live one of the highest capitalistic lifestyles, you hate the Constitution while enjoying a high standard of living and you hate everyone else getting rich and being free as long as you and your immediate loved ones prosper. In essence SCHMUCK, your mantra is screw Americans. I think the videos and your own words say it as it is. You are clearly a hateful Traitor to this country and its great people and it is time a fellow “REAL” Jew speaks up and calls it as it is as a real American too, you SCHMUCK!!!!! And that my free speech against a public official and entity that hates my country and freedom. Now go get a coronary somewhere and save our country in the process SCHMUCK!!!!!!!!!!

and this is what you get because of the SCHMUCK!

or this reason, Harvey you SCHMUCK!!

and they hate JEWS, Harvey you SCHMUCK!!!


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