How To Stop Identity Theft Fast!

Hang em. Make those who steal another person’s identity give up theirs. Sounds radical, cruel, too much punishment. But wait a second. Honestly if a person is going to attempt to destroy another person’s life for their own profits and devastate that person why not make the punishment fit the crime?

Too extreme you say, and what if the criminal has done this to a good many fine folks destroying or wrecking their lives for profit? Shouldn’t they pay by forfeiting their own identity? I say, let em drop and swing. Do it to some examples and watch identity theft become a rare thing of the past. While it’s nice to be a member of this business.

I can almost guarantee that if potential identity thieves know they are getting this!

They will think many times before assuming the identity of another. Agree/disagree, weigh in on it. Got a better idea, let’s hear it.


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