Dipwad On The Track

So this weekend, one of my fav driver’s Mr. Tony Stewart (though #48 Jimmie Johnson remains my tops) a very talented guy hit a pedestrian which was a very disgruntled rookie in track racing. Now I know what you are all going to say. “Blame It On Brian France” after all if one is used to dropping turds in the Nascar toilet, then why not another turd? Good question, because this was the young driver’s fault. A race track has race cars and you do not get out onto a race track with race cars. Sorry for his family, but this is  clearly a violation of common sense here. He got spun into the wall by Tony, got pissed off and decided to step out to Tony’s Sprint Car (not to be confused with the Sprint Cup) and he stepped into the car as it slid slightly. Tony Stewart said he didn’t try to hit the guy even though morons on youtube claim otherwise. These are sports morons who don’t really watch racing.

Sprint cars are small winged cars that race mainly on dirt tracks and with that being the case, there is a bit of slide. Dirt is not like solid pavement, it gives. So what happened here is the young angry guy stepped too close to the car and he got na9iled big time. In fact, he got deep-sixed right there on the track. Now while a tragedy, I am not gonna blame Mr. Stewart as a very long time Stock car racing fan. He is a professional that had an incident.

One of the things I have always loved about stockcar racing is that while the networks may polish it up for national viewer consumption, I remember the fist fights at the small former Saugus Speedway on those Saturday nights in the pits. Drivers duking it out after the race. It put a lasting impression of the real human side to this sport, things many who watch races on TV forget in today’s sanitized TV sporting events. Tempers do flare when driver’s get wrecked. This was an accident of the lack of experience for the young lad and while nobody wants anyone to get hurt, it happens. Nascar and racing in general are very dangerous sports, people do get maimed and they do lose their lives. In the absence of common sense, this occurred to an angry driver on a dirt track. The real victim’s in this are the young lad’s family and believe it or not, Mr. Tony Stewart. The police reviewed films of the live event and concluded what common sense concludes here. Never ever, ever get out on a racetrack and confront thousands of pounds of vehicles.

Here are a few examples of what I mean about racing and human emotions you never see on the big networks.

On the track anger and what results off track. Happens all the time.

and then it just disintegrates into this 😀 which makes for great TV entertainment but poor sportsmanship…


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