It’s A Hot One!

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So earlier tonight, much to the horror and shock of one particular KTTV exec that didn’t like my weather comments about the KTLA weather woman, they went off. So here, let’s look at what I said and then I will explain, okay jackass, before you get on my butt.

Here is the KTTV weather person…roll it!

so what you see is a middle aged man, nice attitude, heavyset, for most folks charming, pretty spot on.

Now let’s watch his competition okay. I think after watching his competition’s clips just a few of them it will dawn on the KTTV jackass that thinks they can suggest what others say. Roll it!

and don’t forget this one mister executive.

KTTV’s main color is blue, how about the KTLA weathergirl in blue?

Okay so your reply is her weathercasts are for guys. Uh not so fast mister executive. Women watch other women for several reasons in this century. Some women get off watching other sexy women and some get off on what clothing the other woman is wearing. That means that Pablo cannot directly compete with a sexy and smart woman doing the news weather. Why, well just imagine if Pablo did a weathercast in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Oh wait, please don’t imagine that. And I rest my case.

So you can have this at FOX KTTV 11.

or you can have the channel changer to this at KTLA!


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