So last week, a couple of important people unfollowed my twitters. One of them was a former KTTV FOX exec who I never really had any direct contact with, but only informally at best and he liked what I blogged about, thought it was doing well, and the other was a “Legal Analyst” who said they were a big fan loved what I was doing and couldn’t thank me enough and a week later was unfollowing me on twitter…go figure!

Now the FOX exec I got, they were never really that close, only  wanted to be a distant routing section as a cheerleader…I get it.

The Legal Analyst that is a different story altogether. Was it the Judge Rosebird Breast Cancer article. Was it the rape comment? Was it about someone formerly at KTTV? Perplexed me a bit as I talked with my old and new family on this. Nobody it seems can figure this one out.

You all know. When I blog, honestly, it comes from the heart, how I feel. Rosebird took Charlie Manson and his gang off of death row. Would you like too know how many times, Charlie and the gang stabbed actress Sharon Tate in the stomach who was pregnant with a baby? How about 16 times! Here, read about what Manson and the gang did and how Judge Rosebird let them off from the death penalty. This crap judge was appointed by current governor 2014 Jerry Brown. Did the legal analyst unfollow me because I said Judge Rosebird got what she deserved which was death from breast cancer?

What about calling the KTTV management schmucks because they don’t know what they are doing in this viewer’s (CUSTOMER’S) opinion? The legal analyst praised me then mysteriously dropped me. The point is, you don’t say thanks and kick the person you just thanked. Also, you encourage people to speak out against a place that treated you like crap.

Now a personal word to the legal analyst. I still think what you did was righteous. I think what you did was teach us about law, and educate the public on a great many issues. I think what you did was bring us entertainment, education and explanation to quell our fears and help our thoughts. I’ll leave it at that. As for family and friends, no problem. I am used to it. My personal feeling is when you have a friend, you don’t treat em like crap, but then again everybody has to live with the decisions they make.

As for Charlie and the gang, what a frigging mess the current reinstalled “THUG” governor baldy of California created when he installed Judge Rosebird. I can only imagine what this old fart will do next. Maybe he needs a good ol’ fashioned spit shine.


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