The Host Wayback Machine On Tilt At KTTV!

So now, let us go way back to 2012 and take a really great look at the anchors and cohosts of the KTTV Morning News and GDLA. Now this will peeve a few people, but let me make my point here.

KTTV has Gina Silva, Dorothy Lucey, Lisa Breckenridge, Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds etc etc etc, Trisha Takasughi, Suzanne Marquez well she was a bit earlier I guess. And I won’t mention “Nischell” who has long since disappeared from everywhere last I looked.

So Dorothy gets the “Raspy Voice” pink slip out the front door and don’t pass go.

It should have been the “you pushed too much sexual content on a family morning show when children are watching” pink garter slip, but raspy voice worked.

Next up at bat, Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds etc etc etc, 5 million dollar contract, well it was time for her to go. The sniper husband and sex each morning plus the skimpy tops wore out not to mention obnoxiousness to the max and she was luving it! Sorry gal, that wore out with the public and also FOX execs.

So this created a vacuum and who should have filled it? Excellent question. The perfect entertainment reporter connected to the top people in Hollywood, Lisa Breckenridge. A real sweet lady, well loved by a great many viewers. This was a no-brainer for co-anchor as entertainment anchor for GDLA.

On the Jillian former side of the old (non-begging desk) another KTTV blunder, should have been Miss Gina Silva. KTTV management had two best and well respected pretty and sharp talents with personality, spunk and laughter and KTTV management like they always seem to do, blew this golden and simple easy opportunity. Here is what they did instead of promoting their current talents. They shopped and shopped for MONTHS and pulled in Maria Sansone. They didn’t need to, not that Maria isn’t great for the anchor, but it was a slap to Miss Gina Silva and why? Great, glad someone asked. Because Miss Silva already had plenty of anchor experience. Besides being pretty, she has a great personality on screen and most likely off screen too. She had in essence everything that KTTV didn’t need to waste time, money and resources looking for Maria Sansone or anyone else.

Then KTTV bypassed Misses Lisa Breckenridge whom they had the perfect entertainment anchor especially since she and the main host worked very well together. Again, a warmhearted, pretty and bubbly personality with longtime anchor experience and what did KTTV reel in? Julie Chang. I have nothing against Julie, okay, let me be clear, but again, the right move would have been to fill those GDLA seats with the local talents that already existed. I am going to discount Araksya here because she was the news side not GDLA at the time so she doesn’t originally count here. Just that in 2012 Araksya was at news.

Then to make matters worse. KTTV management decided the best way to cut the chatter for GDLA was create that God-damned Begging Desk! Two people seated and everyone else standing on sore feet at either end. Why didn’t KTTV save the monetary resources and just keep what worked before, and please don’t hit me with production camera angles as that is an insult to anyone with an IQ above 5.

Having sat down, fixed the GDLA show format and hired Lisa and Gina as the new co-anchors would have fixed GDLA. Then you bring in the others where needed in the show format. I want to stress to the Broccoliheads at KTTV that as your viewing customer, it becomes a major channel changer.


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