So now it is time for Vodka Video and the Crashskies.

By now, a few of you know that neighbors get together here in town and we watch the videos of the automotive crashes…NOT FUNNY right! They love my comments on this crap so here are some of what we have watched. All I can say is you have too know what the maneuvers are, so let me explain them.

1.) The classical “Rearendski” that is where you just plow into the back of the car in front of you.

2.) The “Free Spinski” that is a loose tire on the road coming at your carski. Consider it a true “Free Spin!”

3.) The “Idiotski Maneuver” that is because some one who cuts you off and causes you a major accidentski is just that!

4.) The “Two for Onski.” That’s when an idiotski takes out two cars at once.

5.) The “Side-swipeski” that’s an idiot that sideswipes your car.

6.) The “Kisski” that is a headon where by a driverski heads into your carski.

7.) The “Hit-N-Runski” which is an idiot that kits your carski and then continues to runski.

You know, I honestly have to ask, where are all the insurance companies in all of this? Do Russians in Russia have car insurance? How do they resolve all these accidents. I’m not trying to pick on Russian Drivers but honestly, it is rampant and well known across the net, that Russian’s have the most accidentskis. Anyone care to blogski? And while you are at it, enjoy a little “Vodka Video” this Saturday evening.



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