What FOX should do at Noon time?

Soap Opera, Soap Opera, Soap Opera. Now I know, some of the folks who are the in-front-of-the-camera crowd that aren’t going to be happy with this in the noon timeslot. As crazy as this seems, the big networks have almost all but abandoned tens of millions of soap opera viewers which opens this timeslot to tens of millions of viewers instantly. It is almost a no brainer! Here, I’ll show you what I mean about soap opera fans.

Here, watch how soap opera fans react to a dufus who got executive decision making and disenfranchised tens of millions of Americans and other fans worldwide through decades of generations.

See, there is a major market for this type of show because everyone else abandoned it to put cheap crap on TV, no disrespect for the hard working noon people at KTTV 😉 However, the time slot I would argue is perfect for a national network to put on a show at noon or at 1pm and capture tens of millions of viewers for an hour or two. Let’s create the slogan “FOX Soaps Midday” and you have something like for example this network used to brag about.

How about these for viewers midday? Nobody else is doing much anymore. The marketplace is wide open.



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