How to short out Communism and Socialism.

Nobody has really discussed this but with the current POtuS in the whitehouse being a communist at heart and the new Latino advocate Gutierrez who is also a communist, congress bought and paid for by big money interests; both of the former comments, courtesy of Mark Levin and Dr. Michael Savage respectively. There must be a way to stop communism dead in its tracks and there is.

When you are indoctrinated into the Soviet States of America, here is what to do and I am citing a few hypothetical examples.

Let’s say you are assigned the waiter/waitress job in a soup kitchen for the upscaled commies. They order Oyster Soup, then give em an oyster. Hock a loogie into their soup, oh…and deliver it cold. Take your time, make the commie wait an hour instead of five minutes. They’ll wear a phony smile and tell you these are the best oysters they’ve ever eaten. Smile back and thank them. Tell them it was your pleasure.


Let’s say you are assigned to street cleaning and they give you a powerful electric blower. When you see the entourage of commies coming along in their nice shiny cars, blow dust in the street, get em dirty.

Getting the gist of things? Great, let us site a few more examples.

They need to buy new shoes and you were assigned as a shoe repair/sales person. Bring em the wrong size and jam it onto their foot. Tell these stupid commie morons they need to break em in. In other words, no steps of pain, no commie steps of gain. Now that in turn will cause them to see the foot doctor.

If you are a foot doctor and they say their left foot is hurting because the shoe caused nerve damage, schedule them for foot surgery and here is what you do. Make them wait a long time, mess up their paperwork and when they finally go in, they come out on two fresh stumps made of red communist plastic peg legs. Ooops, it seems the surgeon removed both feet according to the botched paperwork. Of course they will want to go to court and sue.

You are a state assigned attorney representing this communist. Lose their case and leave them with nothing, that’s right. Let the state tell them they can be refitted with prosthetic feet from their current double peg legs which are made of cheap red communist plastic and make it take twenty years. In other words, make the communists lives as miserable as possible by giving them lousy service, don’t give a rats ass, after all, they are a nice commie.

They need a new car, fine. Loose lug nuts on a wheel, a little sugar in the gas tank on that shiny new car, problems galore for the commie.

Now they will need a rental car while their new car is fixed. If you are a state assigned car rental agent, tell them almost nothing is available except one of these Soviet Era Ladas which they will love since it was made by fellow comrades. Make sure it is the dirtiest piece of crap you can rent them.

While the state appointed mechanic works on the car, make sure it takes two years or more. Take long lunch breaks like for 6 hours and backlog the commie sob’s. Make em SUFFER! When they get their car back, make sure you took all the new parts and replaced them with old parts so the commie can visit you for another 2 years worth of “LADA” driving.

All these things are more or less criminal today in this society and of course this article is a hypothetical. Please never do this to existing Americans, but it is food for thought on how to make the system fail for communists when they enslave all of the moron voters who voted themselves out of freedom and into tyranny. Have a nice day!


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