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The Potential Araksya Dirty Challenge!

So Maria Sansone dumped ice water over her head and challenged Araksya Karapetyan to do the very same in the challenge. Now it is widely known that Araksya is supposedly a germ-o-phobe and honestly I don’t blame her considering how filthy many public places have become. So I had this dream about a week ago, I was somehow invited to a big bash Araksya was putting on and I decided to attend. There were many guests, Steve Edwards was there, Lisa and Hubby, didn’t see her kids, you know, just lotsa people and it was an outdoor bash of sorts. There were tables and drinks, you know, the usual stuff at a party. Anyhow, a guy asked what I did and I said the publishing business, and when asked what he did, said he was into practical jokes.


So we got to talking about the challenges on GDLA between Araksya and Maria Sansone and he came up with this absolutely sick scheme. He said, have Araksya dump a bucket of dog poop over her head and then eat one. EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW! Are you kidding I asked in the dream? Nope, he grinned and I have a secret of how she could get away with it.

Now all of you, don’t tell Maria Sansone okay. She doesn’t follow me on twitter or Facebook so 😉 Araksya has a bucket up on her in this most disgusting dreamed challenge this character in the dream came up with. He sort of reminds me of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken now that I come to think of it.

Anyhow, the colonel continued to explain how this worked. He said that Araksya gets a few bags of “Oh Henry” chocolate bars and puts em in a bucket, lets a couple melt then goes through with the challenge. TV viewers will think she dumped dog poop over her head and then she will take and eat one. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!! Are you serious I continued to ask?

The good Colonel smiled and said wait till Maria Sansone gets a bucket of dog poop, dumps it over her head and then eats one, the audience will be grossed out, the FCC will wonder what to do. Is it a decency issue?

Well of course this is a dream right? And in real life Maria Sansone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook won’t know about this right? Now if she did, here is what she would do to meet the challenge that Araksya in the dream was given. Maria would get a bucket and several bags of “Babe Ruth” candy bars, also chocolate, and drop em in the bucket, do the dump, eat one, the audience on TV will be grossed out and it will have been the sweetest secret the two co-anchors ever did. It will make national news headlines, probably world headlines. It would be the biggest stunt in a long time on TV. Of course the feds and Newscorp will freak until they see the extra footage of the candy bars 😉 then it will make even more big news and finally many laughs. All this from a dream!!!

DREAM ON!!!! GDLA people don’t have the guts for such a stunt and that’s a viewers dream challenge!


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A Lesson for Broccolihead!

Dummy 101:

How to rebuild the mornings at KTTV to be tops.

First change the news viewing times. Here is the new schedule for dummy execs to start winning big!

2AM to 5AM run Nascar highlights. I Love Lucy. Cops, hey, how about UFO and Bigfoot news. Those types are always up from 2 to 5am in the morning.

5AM FOX News starts with a full team. Two anchors, weather, traffic and finally entertainment/sports.

6AM through 8AM which makes it 3 hours.

Dummy 102:

8AM to 11AM Good Day L.A.

from 8 to about 8:10am news, then bring on a comedienne and make viewers laugh in the morning or toss tomatoes at their set. Laughs will vary…commercial break then let’s get the real show going, no more news, no more car chases, no more Rick Dickert’s weather, let him go eat at Mama’s Donuts 😉 so he has no more excuses to diss that place which he has done for a long time 😮 Got it Rick? Here is what I would do.

GDLA should be informative, entertaining and most of all exciting fun! First, you have two entertainment reporters. Great! Make one an anchor one week and the other in the field. Shoot live on set segments, let us see what makes Hollywood work. I don’t care a crap about a Hollyslut that trips on Sunset Blvd. to coin a phrase by Dr. Michael Savage and know her skirt flipped over her head. I am not interested in the Tinselturd’s gossip, I don’t care a rats ass about any of these folks. What I want to do is visit the businesses, meet production people, see what they do, how they do it, what makes the bigger cogs turn is the smaller cogs. I’d like to meet wannabes in Hollywood waiting tables man doing stage on weekends. Is it sinking in yet.

Dummy 103:

Vacation spots around the Southland and elsewhere. Show us these places, show us the best travel fun spots to visit, little hole in the wall entertaining places to visit. Lets dine out!

I would like to visit places to eat, see what foods they make and how they taste at a distance.

Show us hiking venues. Gina Silva loves hiking…awesome! How about Mount Waterman and during the wintertime lets see Lisa on the slopes in the snow. Fashion shows, let us learn about modeling, see what goes into it.

Dummy 104:

The Dark Side of Hollywood. Besides all the ups, lets meet the residents that have not made it or as we call it, the downs, what they do or did. Let us know in the community so we can do a service to make things work where they are broken. Of all the segments, this I would consider the most important because it affects people’s well being and if we can help even one person in Hollywood that would be tops.

Dummy 105:

VISION. I have it, KTTV execs don’t! The proof is in seeing ahead the future. I look at the current GDLA and ask what future? Let us start with the ‘Begging Desk’… Why is the main host not seated between everybody, and a senior citizen at that? Why is he have to stand at the end, why? Why is it a small desk for only two people at best? Why does the show go to bickering, belittling in a playful way its own, do some challenges knick knacks and finally a small cooking outside periodically? Why do I have to see stars, why can’t I visit a movie set with Lisa Breck or Julie? What movies are in production? Can we see a few minutes of filming ahead of time? I want to see what an actress is like when she gets to the Director’s call for a “Cut” at number 19 cuts. Does that mean she sucks?

See, the problem here is this. Mr. Murdoch since you are probably reading this, the execs at KTTV ask what viewers want. I am a viewer. I don’t like your production referring to me as a commodity. I am not that. Your paid advertisers are a commodity and I am a customer of yours and here is why.

Ultimately I have the TV controller and the worst thing that happens to your paying customers is they lose potential customers of theirs when I change the channel. That is why when a viewer aka. customer like me says the morning lineup is broken. You need to listen up, because your job is to hold me watching as long as possible. Otherwise this happens!

And the reason this happens is not because of your production people or as in recent times ‘Lack thereof’ or your TV personalities aka. your before the camera folks. It is because of programming times and also the content of what is being offered. Do you understand what your customer is saying, wants and I can guarantee you that if I am taking my valuable time to author this blog posting, imagine other viewers who don’t care a crap and just change channels to KTLA.

Dummy 106:

Tit-For-Tat Programing. Why does KTTV aka. FOX have to match KTLA for programing style and times? Why can’t KTTV be unique and let the chips fall where they may. Offering a different product than your competitors is what diversity in the viewing market should be about. If you are going to be like KTLA why don’t I just go watch them then instead of a wannabe mentality and that cuts to the topic header of “A Lesson For Broccolihead!”

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George Soros Big California Bag Ban. Thank you George

So unhappy with getting cities to ban plastic grocery shopping bags, George Soros Totalitarian, Commie vested group “Heal The Bay” like they really give a crap! Honestly, they should change their name to “Heal The Freedom of Choice” because this rotten communist infested group of criminal thugs follows in a long line of criminal thug groups this man has setup, and I keep asking. Why is this foreign born criminal, who profits from the destruction of America and its citizens freedoms allowed to continue stripping American citizens of their freedoms and it comes back to brainwashed morons. Yes, you heard me, these types.

and you can throw in these Americans as well.

and don’t forget these folks.

and now you know why bags are being banned in California and they are just getting warmed up.

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And now it is time for Crashskies Week Three…WEE!!!

Now, before we begin watching week three vids of those Crashkies Russians let me educate you on them.

They have a more stringent driving system and yes they must have insurance and why do they have Dash Cams? Because the insurance companies there deny almost all coverage when accidents happen, so the Russian drivers got smart and got dash cams. When they go to courts which are clogged there right now with driving accidents, the vids are produced. The videos force the Russian insurance companies to pay up and also compensate victims of criminal drivers. So having dash cams in cars is what Russians invented to recoup their losses. Now, as far as the accidentskies, they do happen and because Russians, over 1 million and counting have added cams, those vids in court become public which is why you are seeing them. I’m out of breath so let’s watch a few more crashskies.

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Is there any good news for amusement parks and you?

Yes, you can start building your own and soon ride the rides too with friends and family. Oh no not this piece of crap (ignored by the publisher in a screw-you move on their customers)

Nope, not at all. Now you will be able to make very realistic amusement parks and have computer as well as live guests. It is rapidly coming together after a while and it is a very beautiful thing. So who is it you ask. It’s this!

and what is it like you ask? Well, imagine you build your own amusement park and then rode the rides. On my computer? Yes, of course, but after the initial purchase of the software you don’t need an “E” ticket anymore. Instead you will be getting these.

And this is just the start. It grows well beyond this point. Check out their website at

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biggest SCHMUCK in the world!


Great, now that I got that out, let me explain why and in fact the SCHMUCK will read this too so let me tell him why I have made that comment. No, perhaps I better let the SCHMUCK tell you. By the way, for those who say I am anti-semeteic, uh sorry to burst your liberal bubbles, I’m a JEW! So here is the SCHMUCK after bragging how he brainwashed a RINO into collaborating on a film, why he likes Obama. Go ahead, tell us SCHMUCK!!!

and Harvey, do you know what they do to Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere. Let me show you how they treat Jews and other religions around the globe, here Harvey!

Hey SCHMUCK and what is your reply for Americans?

and then there is the SCHMUCK’S friend stating this.

Harvey, you are a clear TRAITOR to America, Americans, The Constitution and Freedom. You are the exact type of reason many people hate Jews and Hollywood. Now I know many fellow Jews who vote the right way, who love America and Israel and I can say as a Jew you are not one of them. Communism and Totalitarianism are what motivate you from what I have seen and heard. You hate America, you hate Israel, you hate Capitalism while you live one of the highest capitalistic lifestyles, you hate the Constitution while enjoying a high standard of living and you hate everyone else getting rich and being free as long as you and your immediate loved ones prosper. In essence SCHMUCK, your mantra is screw Americans. I think the videos and your own words say it as it is. You are clearly a hateful Traitor to this country and its great people and it is time a fellow “REAL” Jew speaks up and calls it as it is as a real American too, you SCHMUCK!!!!! And that my free speech against a public official and entity that hates my country and freedom. Now go get a coronary somewhere and save our country in the process SCHMUCK!!!!!!!!!!

and this is what you get because of the SCHMUCK!

or this reason, Harvey you SCHMUCK!!

and they hate JEWS, Harvey you SCHMUCK!!!

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How To Stop Identity Theft Fast!

Hang em. Make those who steal another person’s identity give up theirs. Sounds radical, cruel, too much punishment. But wait a second. Honestly if a person is going to attempt to destroy another person’s life for their own profits and devastate that person why not make the punishment fit the crime?

Too extreme you say, and what if the criminal has done this to a good many fine folks destroying or wrecking their lives for profit? Shouldn’t they pay by forfeiting their own identity? I say, let em drop and swing. Do it to some examples and watch identity theft become a rare thing of the past. While it’s nice to be a member of this business.

I can almost guarantee that if potential identity thieves know they are getting this!

They will think many times before assuming the identity of another. Agree/disagree, weigh in on it. Got a better idea, let’s hear it.

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