Is the Begging Desk helping GDLA’s demise?

Someone recently asked me this question. The problem is that the older co-hosts were chirping on both sides of the main host and so what better way than to chuck a co-host and make it a two person desk with everyone else on the sides. They stand there like they are begging to participate. Yes, that is my exact impression and whomever decided on that design doesn’t know the difference between a show and their ass on the wall.

Have you noticed as of late. There are on GDLA two main co-hosts and where is the main host standing? On the end and begging! My question is why? Why was money spent to make people beg to be on a morning show with tanking ratings that vegetable brained idiots fail to recognize requires a major fix. Rotating hosts, co-hosts, reconstructing sets, adding whoopee couches for celebs most don’t give a rats ass about doesn’t fix what is really broken and that is the show format. Until you fix that, nothing else matters. You can have every guest big named celeb on the globe. You can advertise sympathy commercials with watch us, you can try and build excitement, but in the end, it is still broken.


Begging Desk!

This desk is downright irritating. It really gives me the impression like people are begging. Meanwhile across channels at rival KTLA 5, they have the old wide desk. I saw 4 people sitting there this morning. This desk at GDLA is so irritating, I honestly must say it is the dreaded (don’t say it sebassh) “Channel Changer!

Seriously! The show’s format is broken, broken, broken. Fix the broken show format and make GDLA a full blown entertainment venue and it should soar. Leave it with the begging desk and it tanks.

One last note: If I did not care I would remain silent. I want GDLA to soar in its potential. Am I perfect? No. Am I right? Well, I write from what I see, hear and study. Everyone will have their viewpoints, okay. But I feel that GDLA could easily be far better. Agree, disagree with me, feel free to blog here.


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