How To Stop Communaires.

SUE THEM. In fact, don’t just sue them for a cool billion, make it a class action citizen project and sue the billionaire and their groups they finance to strip your constitutional rights through their “Crony Philanthropy” for like say 50 billion bucks or maybe 100 billion. If city citizens organized, they could begin shutting down the communist billionaires who are funding all these political groups and buying politicians like the cheap whores many of them are.

If a judge denies your suit, ask they be investigated and find out if the Communaire has bought them. If so, then they can become perhaps a party to the lawsuit.

What is a “Communaire?” They are communists who enjoy billions and millions while trying to enslave you into hard communism.



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2 responses to “How To Stop Communaires.

  1. myfoxmystere

    What has the big fat MooreOn done lately? Stuff himself with HoHos and Twinkies?

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