I’ll do for the nation what I did for California.

Let them EAT Crap! That’s what California’s two-time elected governor, “Baldy” should use as a motto though I can think of another single word that better fits what this idiot has done. A political thug of stupidity who helped free regular thugs like Charles Manson and the gang from the death penalty and their so-called ranch. That’s right. Governor Baldy, a guy who looks like a freed Jail Felon in appearance hired Judge Rosebird, a twit of the lowest order that so hated the death penalty she stuck Charles Manson, “ol Charlie Boy” up for release every few years on parole. Luckily the libs are not that stupid yet…Getting there 😉

Luckily, God gave Judge Rosebird breast cancer and she croaked bigtime and spared us the release of more murderers. Couldn’t come soon enough for that idiot! Thank you GOD!!!

Thanks Jerry Brown you thug for your Judge Rosebird and this…

So Governor thug, erhmmm, I meant Baldy, wants to maybe run for president. Like I stated at the start. His motto for the rest of the country should be “I’ll do for the nation what I did for California,” which is zilch!



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One response to “I’ll do for the nation what I did for California.

  1. myfoxmystere

    About Baldy: I have plenty of pictures on my blog sites that you may borrow anytime, if you’d like. After all, a monkey can do a better job than Moonbeam can. His idiot sidekick is only fractionally a bit more streetwise than he is, thanks to the winery he owns and runs.

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