Burger Queer

Before we begin here. As many people know, I am not politically correct so if you are offended by my blog, go whack Off in a corner somewhere, don’t jump down my ass! And yes, I know gay people and they are more for just getting on and living their lives. I hold nothing against them personally, just the GAY LEFT!

So Burger King this week added their all new “BEEF” patty or should I say Beef ‘Paul’ with a rainbow wrapper in support of guys who blow other guys, or as Der Weinerschnitzel might eventually offer, a Balogie Hoagie! Actually Der Weinerschnitzel hasn’t yet, but hey, who knows.

Been through this before but lets go through it again and then add a few of our own examples. The Gay Left is about one thing and it is same sex in most but not all cases. It is about a man sticking his penis into another man’s mouth or anus and doing him. Got it? Lesbians are about a woman pretending to be a man, strapping on a plastic penis and doing another woman in her mouth, anus or vagina. That’s the basis for the movement. Yes there is the culture but it is essentially what a gay man or a lesbian is. A Tranny (they hate that automotive term) is a guy who gets his penis cut off, two big ol’ tittes plastered on his chest and takes hormones and then goes after guys. Or a woman who gets a surgically attached penis and does woman. I guess that real deal is better than a strap-on??? That is it. Everything else is based around those people and what they do. An entire out of the closet movement. I am not trying to demean anyone here, but that is what LGBT is at their base.

It is not being a black culture or latino or asian, it’s about penises, breasts and vaginas and a mixture of those. Burger King made a food to honor penises, vaginas and breasts. Instead of the whopper you get a GAY PRIDE whopper. Of course it might be good to know what’s in the sauce before you chomp down on it 😉 especially the white sauce. I’d be very careful of that ingredient at Burger King. And if they sell hot dogs and erhmm, buns, ya might want to forgo those too. No telling where they came from.

So, now that this is clear, I must ask where the NRA Pride Burger is? How about the Normal Family Man and Woman Burger, where is that? What about the Christian Chicken Sandwich? I’m still waiting, the Jewish Kosher Chomper, two slices of Rye bread with hot pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and mustard plus the extra kosher dill pickle. How about the Independence Burger an all American beef patty? Nope, not there. Just the GAY Pride burger to remind you that you can no longer just go out and get normal lunch anymore. Beware the sauce 😉

The all new GAY PRIDE Whopper.

We are all the same inside! Actually we are not, but don’t tell this national chain that just alienated about half the country or more.


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