Today’s POV Goes Legal!

and here…

and here….

So now my big question for Broccolihead and the vegetable brained gang is where is this lovely legal authority at FOX to bring a brilliant legal mind on a pretty face to viewers? Can anyone tell me where she is and why I have not seen her for a long time. Can anyone tell me. Okay, let me tell you. GONE from KTTV and FOX and why, because today’s POV is another example of a bright and talented legal authority whose work taught us things and of course while Broccolihead goes on TV telling you how the idiot bald headed jerk can’t manage California, vegetable brain can’t manage FOX. Oh wait, he’s the V.P. so I guess it goes higher, right? And that is today’s POV, KTTV has no legal authority to inform us. Thank you KTTV management, another job well done or as some old stooges used to say.


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