Connect the Dots…

So Dorothy Loooossssseeeee states she met Steve Edwards at of all places a funeral and then Miss Boob Soup (Dorothy posted a sexualized FOX blog title years ago called “Boob Soup” as some of her blog titles were sexualized at the old FOX KTTV forums and blogs) states she was liberated from FOX.

boob soup

Uh, erhmm, Dorothy, no you were not liberated. Your ASS got canned faster than Charlette Tuna at a canning factory and why did that happen? Well as I have explained before, I’ll go over it again. You were on a morning family show where little kids were watching and uh, you did stuff like this. (granted it is a compilation that morning of two scenarios)

And you expected people to sit idly by and say nothing and this went on day in and day out. In essence you made it easy for them to fire you from the station. The sad thing is, had you and Jillian been more civil, you’d both still be there. It got so bad that Steve turned and mentioned to you in response at how carried away you were that “Uh, aren’t you supposed to be a church mom?” That wasn’t scripted by the way. It was the main host telling you to cool it which you didn’t. On another morning you were dressed in a skimpy top showing tweezered cleavage and squeezed your boobs together when explaining how a “TEENAGER” stated that her “My boobs are too small” and all this to the families watching including little kids. True, you were referring to someone else, but your physical actions made it appear as if you were talking about your own anatomy. People are not that stupid. Viewers can figure things out for themselves, especially the moment and current atmosphere something takes place. Dorothy, do you really take viewers for being that dumb? Honestly!

You referred to Jillian’s toddler in the pool as a “Wet T-shirt contest” a toddler, C’mon. For someone billing themselves associated with the church, this was about as far from it as you could have gotten. So you made it extremely easy to lose your job and many in the public demanded it. One blogger viciously described you as a “Raisin on Steroids.” And that was the nice comment. There were far more vicious public comments I read posted by others.

Now could FOX have retained you and Jillian? Yes and here is what management and producers should have done. Sit both of you two women down and told you how to act, what you cannot do or say on the “PUBLIC AIRWAVES” broadcasting to millions of families including kids on a family morning show. Then if you continued, canned you. You made it easy and they took the easiest route, and gone you were—in a heartbeat. That’s the clear truth. You weren’t liberated, you got fired or let go, because of you, and you alone. Now were you responsible for the drop in the GDLA ratings with Jillian too? Perhaps a teensy bit, but not for the bigger picture.

GDLA is a seriously “BROKEN” product in my opinion. I could be wrong, though I rarely am. Others might have a different take and they can blog on their variations. But GDLA has a serious formatting issue and I am afraid until it is really fixed, it will remain at or below its competition KTLA and other morning shows. However, you Dorothy Lucey, made it easy for them to get rid of you. By the way, the video above is very sad. You are a truly very pretty and talented woman for some of what you did and it is a damned shame you are where you fell today. Could have been better, and I wish it had been. But who am I but a customer complaining about products, right? Connect the Dots…


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