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Is the Begging Desk helping GDLA’s demise?

Someone recently asked me this question. The problem is that the older co-hosts were chirping on both sides of the main host and so what better way than to chuck a co-host and make it a two person desk with everyone else on the sides. They stand there like they are begging to participate. Yes, that is my exact impression and whomever decided on that design doesn’t know the difference between a show and their ass on the wall.

Have you noticed as of late. There are on GDLA two main co-hosts and where is the main host standing? On the end and begging! My question is why? Why was money spent to make people beg to be on a morning show with tanking ratings that vegetable brained idiots fail to recognize requires a major fix. Rotating hosts, co-hosts, reconstructing sets, adding whoopee couches for celebs most don’t give a rats ass about doesn’t fix what is really broken and that is the show format. Until you fix that, nothing else matters. You can have every guest big named celeb on the globe. You can advertise sympathy commercials with watch us, you can try and build excitement, but in the end, it is still broken.


Begging Desk!

This desk is downright irritating. It really gives me the impression like people are begging. Meanwhile across channels at rival KTLA 5, they have the old wide desk. I saw 4 people sitting there this morning. This desk at GDLA is so irritating, I honestly must say it is the dreaded (don’t say it sebassh) “Channel Changer!

Seriously! The show’s format is broken, broken, broken. Fix the broken show format and make GDLA a full blown entertainment venue and it should soar. Leave it with the begging desk and it tanks.

One last note: If I did not care I would remain silent. I want GDLA to soar in its potential. Am I perfect? No. Am I right? Well, I write from what I see, hear and study. Everyone will have their viewpoints, okay. But I feel that GDLA could easily be far better. Agree, disagree with me, feel free to blog here.


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Worst Driving Road on the Globe!

Forget America, Asia and Europe. The worst most dangerous system appears by youtube consensus to be Mother Russia and the road stoplights are almost nonexistent. To make matters worse, where are the traffic cops and you must ask yourselves are Russian Insurance companies kicking themselves bigtime?

For several years we get together and watch youtubes of car accidents. It is fascinating and it is a virtual roadmap of what not to do when behind the wheel. So I ask, why are so many auto accidents from Russia With Love? Is it Vodka and Beer and Driving? Is it the lack of traffic lights? Is there no DMV in Russia. Take a gander and watch this and at 3:29 in the video, I guarantee you your FREE “Big Spin”!!!

To view the remaining videos visit this link and watch. It’s unbelievable!

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And now, coming to you live, it’s the…

Endorsed by Americans born in America!

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How To Stop Communaires.

SUE THEM. In fact, don’t just sue them for a cool billion, make it a class action citizen project and sue the billionaire and their groups they finance to strip your constitutional rights through their “Crony Philanthropy” for like say 50 billion bucks or maybe 100 billion. If city citizens organized, they could begin shutting down the communist billionaires who are funding all these political groups and buying politicians like the cheap whores many of them are.

If a judge denies your suit, ask they be investigated and find out if the Communaire has bought them. If so, then they can become perhaps a party to the lawsuit.

What is a “Communaire?” They are communists who enjoy billions and millions while trying to enslave you into hard communism.


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I’ll do for the nation what I did for California.

Let them EAT Crap! That’s what California’s two-time elected governor, “Baldy” should use as a motto though I can think of another single word that better fits what this idiot has done. A political thug of stupidity who helped free regular thugs like Charles Manson and the gang from the death penalty and their so-called ranch. That’s right. Governor Baldy, a guy who looks like a freed Jail Felon in appearance hired Judge Rosebird, a twit of the lowest order that so hated the death penalty she stuck Charles Manson, “ol Charlie Boy” up for release every few years on parole. Luckily the libs are not that stupid yet…Getting there 😉

Luckily, God gave Judge Rosebird breast cancer and she croaked bigtime and spared us the release of more murderers. Couldn’t come soon enough for that idiot! Thank you GOD!!!

Thanks Jerry Brown you thug for your Judge Rosebird and this…

So Governor thug, erhmmm, I meant Baldy, wants to maybe run for president. Like I stated at the start. His motto for the rest of the country should be “I’ll do for the nation what I did for California,” which is zilch!


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KTLA’s Nightly News Death Knell for KTTV

Well, as if KTTV had enough problems with very bad management by vegetable brained idiots running Mr. Murdoch’s station into the ground especially with a terrible morning slot, KTLA is about to become a nightly game changer that could see longtime veteran anchor Christine Devine’s slot on a chopping block.

KTTV has for a long time played a game of tit-for-tat with rival KTLA. KCal was never a serious threat and remains in a distant third in this respect. But, the brains at KTLA are going to air news at 11PM besides 10PM. At 11PM, FOX has stupid shows on and then some reruns and few watch those. So this left KTLA a grand opportunity to rival KTTV for two hours of news. When KTTV aka. FOX first bought KCOP 13, they inherited a spritzy news team with the always multi-talented and longtime veteran snazzy anchor Lauren Sanchez. They also had the cutesy Hawaiian Maria Quiban and finally Rick Garcia. These people made a great news team until FOX bought them out and then squashed and killed that 11PM news segment.

Of course in Los Angeles, ABC, CBS and NBC all run news at 11PM, but most people never watch those anymore as they have become mouth pieces for government and nothing more. KTLA on the other hand has a grand opportunity with the full return of Miss Vera Jimenez to smoke KTTV’s tail on the nightly news and I am afraid I see it happening. And KTTV management have nobody to blame but themselves if their newscasts at 10PM yield to their competitor. I mean, what KTLA’s smart management is doing is letting KTTV’s vegetable brained management self destruct, after all it’s only Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s station so who give a crap in the KTTV management?

So now, not only is KTTV’s morning zeeked because it falls on deaf ears, they are about to watch a loss at night as well. Maybe it might not happen this way and maybe time proves me wrong. In a sense I hope it does, but I suspect differently, after all when you have a vegetable brained group of schmucks who are trashing their own business, why should your rival help?

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Burger Queer

Before we begin here. As many people know, I am not politically correct so if you are offended by my blog, go whack Off in a corner somewhere, don’t jump down my ass! And yes, I know gay people and they are more for just getting on and living their lives. I hold nothing against them personally, just the GAY LEFT!

So Burger King this week added their all new “BEEF” patty or should I say Beef ‘Paul’ with a rainbow wrapper in support of guys who blow other guys, or as Der Weinerschnitzel might eventually offer, a Balogie Hoagie! Actually Der Weinerschnitzel hasn’t yet, but hey, who knows.

Been through this before but lets go through it again and then add a few of our own examples. The Gay Left is about one thing and it is same sex in most but not all cases. It is about a man sticking his penis into another man’s mouth or anus and doing him. Got it? Lesbians are about a woman pretending to be a man, strapping on a plastic penis and doing another woman in her mouth, anus or vagina. That’s the basis for the movement. Yes there is the culture but it is essentially what a gay man or a lesbian is. A Tranny (they hate that automotive term) is a guy who gets his penis cut off, two big ol’ tittes plastered on his chest and takes hormones and then goes after guys. Or a woman who gets a surgically attached penis and does woman. I guess that real deal is better than a strap-on??? That is it. Everything else is based around those people and what they do. An entire out of the closet movement. I am not trying to demean anyone here, but that is what LGBT is at their base.

It is not being a black culture or latino or asian, it’s about penises, breasts and vaginas and a mixture of those. Burger King made a food to honor penises, vaginas and breasts. Instead of the whopper you get a GAY PRIDE whopper. Of course it might be good to know what’s in the sauce before you chomp down on it 😉 especially the white sauce. I’d be very careful of that ingredient at Burger King. And if they sell hot dogs and erhmm, buns, ya might want to forgo those too. No telling where they came from.

So, now that this is clear, I must ask where the NRA Pride Burger is? How about the Normal Family Man and Woman Burger, where is that? What about the Christian Chicken Sandwich? I’m still waiting, the Jewish Kosher Chomper, two slices of Rye bread with hot pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and mustard plus the extra kosher dill pickle. How about the Independence Burger an all American beef patty? Nope, not there. Just the GAY Pride burger to remind you that you can no longer just go out and get normal lunch anymore. Beware the sauce 😉

The all new GAY PRIDE Whopper.

We are all the same inside! Actually we are not, but don’t tell this national chain that just alienated about half the country or more.

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