They get you going in the morning.

Not Rick Dickert. For years I mentioned it and a no go. The FOX KTTV folks know of it, oh yes they do and there has even been prodding to get Dickert in there for a very long time. A KTTV reporter even mentioned to me they were passing by there one late morning and had considered stopping in. I ask why not? Take time to sit for a bit, let the world go by, get a basket of several yummy donuts and hot coffee or a cold frap and why not?

What is interesting is that this small little hole-in-the-wall place is usually crammed with visitors craving, not only donuts and coffee, but other food as well, especially the custom ‘Cronuts’

Have any of you ever tried Mama’s Cronuts? I have and I can attest they are just as great as they look here in this photo.


That’s why when I hear KTLA stating on many occasions they love Mama’s Donuts and when Jennifer York used to with her morning chopper flight crew, visit this place religiously as well as on occasion the CBS flight crew. It make me wonder why Rick up in Skyfox has the excuses. Oh well. They also won a state wide award for excellence of their products, this small little hole-in-the-wall place. While it looks like a place you pass without a second thought, the big secret by locals and visitors who when returning to the area go there is the donuts and cronuts. Hands down, their stuff is top notch. A quick check on Yelp also will alert patrons potentials that there is something great here. Like even more cronuts. See, here is what Dickert and others are missing in the morning that locals enjoy.

More Cronuts

and these fruity Cronuts. I have tried these as well, just perfect for a spring or summer morning.

Fruity Cronuts

They ship stuff as well. Think Rick will ever land Skyfox one early morning and fly cronuts to the studio? How about it Steve? Naw, I don’t think that Van Nuys airport would ever let that stand, would be interesting to see what rival KTLA would do when KTTV invaded the KTLA old haunt.

And what happens to those who procrastinate?

Eat THAT Skyfox!


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