Where are they now…the GDLA former?

Well with Jillian Barberie Reynold Warry worry wary Whirlitzer etc etc etc she has all butt disappeared from the scene hocking stuff here and there. In fact she is so pissed at me, she blocked me on twitter. 🙂 A true badge of honor being blocked by her. I am thinking too many cleavage flashes in the morning and coming in talking like you were on speed, well that did it. Then she went to talk radio following “Dummyhead Instead” a wannabe political hack who couldn’t cut it on TV as a dumb news anchor so he retreated instead of apologizing to all the FOX bloggers he insulted. Talk about being dumb, right!

It’s Jilly!!!

Then there is that animated hysterectimal ooops I meant hysterical silly and here are the words that describe best. “sexually whimsical” did I hit that on the head, surfing Dorothy? Yes, I know I made your Dorothy Haters official page—AGAIN, thank you surfer church woman. What time has bared out in your case,  is the content on your media sites. I had thought when you got yourself canned faster than Charlette Tuna in a Tuna Factory, that it stopped, right? I mean you are billed as a premier church mom. Tada, the sexualized comments have intensified from time-to-time 😦 and there goes the church mom image. Perhaps “aged bikini sex chick” is more appropriate. Oye vey!!! Well she really ain’t that bad folks. Miss Lucey does a lot of charity work so [HINT] there might be a good side there.

John Beard. Actually, John never really had one on the news at night that I can remember, but hey, I always liked John. He and Christine Devine made a great pair on TV. When they pulled in “Dummyhead Instead” of course the nightly news was never the same until they discovered Tony “TAKEETS” McEwing and then he and Christine made it perfect again. But leave it to Broccolihead and the gang to fowl that up, right?

Maria Sansone, got preggo and got bye bye’d for the time being. Julie Chang unfortunately became ill with a brain tumor discovered while surfing. But she beat it…KACHANG!

And so Tony is happy in the mornings, Arak C’ya went to GDLA, Maria Sansone is at the edge of the begging table, and Steve has now 4 chirping women, chick, chick, chicking him to death as he stands at the Begging Table’s end while the ladies have taken over. And they thought it was bad with two chick, chick, chicking women on Steve. Ain’t the future grand? You know Steve, I rather enjoy this, ‘Go-Girls-Go’ the ladies have it!!!

Aw God, what a morning mess, hey. And where is Mr. POV (or dare I say POS) and company to fix it all? They are boiling which is what happens to broccoli to make it melt cheese and other stuff. It’s the other stuff that worries me.

Odd gal out, actually there have been quite a few lately, so who is next? Remember Jean Martiriz, then she got Arak C’ya’d and finally Araksya got Marlla’d. Wouldn’t it all have been damned easier to just retain Jean? Hard to tell. Unbelievable, meanwhile tune in KTLA and there is complete stability. I rest my case.


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