The Taking of Private Property 1-2-3

So the communist scumbag totalitarian Nazis are starting with the Washington Redskins. Oh wait, lets see, what about the Los Angeles Clippers. Even Type 5 Racist Oprah “Old White People Must DIE!” Winfrey wanted to plunder an old idiot who babbled himself into this mess. That’s right, a lib on lib mess. Now it is the Redskins, the feds want to pull their trademark protection. What will be next under HILLARY CLINTON’S original “political correctness” she started and pushed while her bonerfied husband was in office. Lets see here. How about the Clevland “Indians” and since Indians died at the hands of CowBoys how about the Dallas Cowboys? Maybe Irish are offended by the stereotype that Irish get drunk and in fights. Let’s de-license the “FIGHTING” Irish of Notre Dam. In fact let us use no American Indian names at all. Like the “MOHAVE” Desert, what about anything named “APACHE” or “MOHAWK” and why have a county named “SEMINOLE” in fact lets ban it. And for my Latino people let us also ban product names like “SPIC” and Span a cleaner. I mean, if you ban one thing under HILLARY CLINTON’S Politically Correct world, why stop at one. Just ban one thing after another. Anytime someone’s feelings are hurt, BAN IT! For example. Someone writes a story and they have certain words in it like their kid likes to go fly a KITE well ban it because the word KITE sounds like another bad word.

Again about the left totalitarian bans on things. You cannot even advertise “TRANNY” service to repair the automotive transmission on a car because guys who used to be girls and girls who used to be guys and people that are half and half are offended by automotive parts. I blogged about all this crap several blogs back. Trannys, axelrods (sounds political), Rear Ends, Push Rods, STICK-shifters all are now X-rated terms.

God!!! I feel great being NOT politically correct like Americans used to have the freedom before the Clinton’s and the Obama’s came onto the scene with their totalitarian communist scumbag bureaucrats.

American and still loving it!


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