KTTV’s Musical Talents

Ever watched this or played in it? Watch!

Pretend these are the hosts, cohosts, filed cohosts, anchors and the production talents at KTTV.

What you just watched is the musical chairs and odd anchor/host/reporter, production person out at KTTV. Now imagine what this does to everyone’s morale that works at KTTV when someone new supersedes a long time talent. Let’s see here. A few great names come to mind like long time “Mark Thompson” (almost a quarter century at KTTV) or how about the newer Araksya Karapetyan, what about Suzanne Marques, can I please throw in an old favorite Jean Martirez? Araksya is still there, Suzanne is long gone bumping from one place to another. Then you have the former morning girl whom I did get to meet briefly before she departed KTTV for KTLA, a very tiny and petite Elizabeth Espinoza. She was sort of brash and she has that punky type voice, makes you wonder if there is really a guy there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ actually she seemed all woman, just kidding Elizabeth and oh in answer to your question that faithful morning at the writers guild strike it is “Publishing.” How about Miss Tricia Tagasuki did I spell that right?

Oh hell, why not throw in most of the production crew on the chopping block. Have you noticed the terrible problems with reception, hosts getting cut off, field reporters and guests talking with no sound, people prematurely cut off for commercial breaks etc. and it goes on and on and on and on. The way KTTV is managed reminds me of how Governor Baldy manages California. Sound like a POV or a POS? You decide. Does rival KTLA have these issues? Not really! So then why does KTTV have them? Could it be lousy er, uh let me guess management?


Well er, uh, maybe, but I suspect it goes well beyond that to Newscorp for the bigger cuts. Yeah, you can pin it all on a brainless vegetable-brained management moron or let us say in plurality, MORONS.

I have watched the KTLA competition and here is what happens. Their news articles come out several minutes ahead of KTTV’s. They have no problems with reception, guests, in-the-field reporters, everyone knows their lines, the anchors don’t take “Fish Gulps” like the nightly ๐Ÿ˜‰ news anchor does every few seconds while closing their eyes and blinking a lot. It makes me think I am watching a guppy on the tube. In essence if you look at KTLA’s production in comparison to KTTV’s they are rock solid, they have a decent format too. Don’t get me started blogging again why the morning shows news and GDLA are both in serious troubles. That sums it up, bad management! Planning, understanding the viewers, who they are, when they watch, what would hold their interests in this day and age. When it comes to these issues, KTTV’s management is “Clueless In California” and that’s the name of that tune.


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