Thursday’s Bug #1

Christine Devine has a noble special to help foster or orphaned children find new homes. I honestly have to say a major thanks for the work she is doing to help others. Her segment is entitled “Wednesday’s Child” and she uses the media to help kids to hopefully find a happy new home. So, while Christine has Wednesday’s Child, I have Thursday’s Bug where we help bugs get a new home and on their way.

First up, I asked Christine if she has ever eaten Escargo? That is snails covered in simmering garlic butter having been boiled alive. Savage to do such things to poor little defenseless creatures. So on today’s first “Thursday’s Bug” segment I will try and see if we can find new homes for our bug of the week and Thursday’s Bug, the snail!

Now, if you were not aware, I do when time and health permit, fruit gardening to a limited extent. In the garden we get snails, sliming their way across grasses towards a new plant to destroy. Here, take a quick look.

and so where do you send snails. Well, someone once told me they chuck them in their neighbor’s yard whom they hated, thus helping the snail to a new home. In a sense it is most likely criminal, but you are providing (if you think about it) free airfare and a vacation for those snails and so there is a positive to consider here, even if in a demented sort of fashion.

I honestly have thought the best thing for snails is this.


I know from first hand experience they just turn green with envy when fed salt. Of course if you really want to help snails to the grandest new home of all, you could visit the 99 cent store and get them this.

For a buck, you’ll give them a new home guaranteed in the wild blue yonder, and who can ask for more then to find a new home in the wild blue yonder, and that wraps up this week’s segment of “Thursday’s Bug”…thank you Miss Christine Devine for Wednesday’s Child and yum


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