The Good Day L.A. Begging Desk!

Instead of fixing what’s broken about Good Day L.A. we got a reconstruction of the set plus the news desk all in one. Now while I have nothing personal against consolidation, what we got with GDLA is a ‘Begging Desk’

Have any of you noticed and this really irks me as a viewer how people have to come and go from both ends of the desk or have a chair at the end?

I mean, watching Mr. Steve Edwards the main host and then Maria Sansone co-host trying to return (will she make it folks? Stay tuned to the revolving door of broccoli antics by idiots managing a sinking set) to the show after expanding her at-home family, really gets annoying after a while. Why can everyone be seated like at KTLA? How about it KTTV management, why do we have to have hosts, co-hosts and fill-ins standing at the end of a table? It makes my own feet sore and cramped legs just watching it, that I cannot imagine what the actual people must be going through. Let us compare then and now.

Here everyone is comfy and it is well organized, relaxed, the audience viewers know this.


and now the new and improved broccoli GDLA set.

The Begging Desk

and the new and improved ‘Begging Desk’ cause it looks like people are begging to stand there and just talk. Seriously, you all might think I am just kidding, but this is the feeling I get like for example Lisa Brenkenridge, a very sweet and talented woman must stand there just to chime in. Did FOX KTTV really shoot itself in the foot bigtime making lavish new functional sets that convey this awful feeling of ‘BEGGING’ on the public airwaves?



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2 responses to “The Good Day L.A. Begging Desk!

  1. Well now Steve stands on the end, so I wonder does that mean he is the next one that might be out the door. Good Day L.A is so bad now the set is horrible and the anchors are boring.

    • I have blogged what is wrong with KTTV’s morning shows and how they can be fixed. I spent much time watching and analyzing also watching KTLA their direct competition. The underlying problem is 1.) Viewer Demographic Times and 2.) Show structure and type. Until KTTV fixes those, it will all Sadly…remain broken.

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