Is Long Beach California…

City council about to bring back the “Cyclone Racer” and a new NuPike of rides? It well may be heading that way. I originally was critical of the small shopping mall (like we required a new one of those in California of all places) in place of what could have been a brand new amusement park. Instead, what the new mall did was pay a teensy weensy small tribute to this.

instead of this

and this

So what occured is a money losing and in-decline mall. A place that is not taking in revenue. What could have been there was an amusement park with rides across from the Queen Mary. It would have put Long Beach California on the map again as the aging Queen Mary less a Spruce Goose doesn’t cut it anymore except at Halloween when we get the new and improved “HAUNTED” Queen Mary fest. With increasing crime and another mall, Long Beach City Council allowed a very grand opportunity to skirt by, so what is next?

But there may yet be hope from one lone man on a mission as was reported in the L.A. Times and it might actually happen. Here is the article.


So after reading the article feel free to weigh in. Southern California’s population has exploded and people will always need somewhere to have fun. Are we heading back to the past to tame the future? Enjoy the clip below.


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